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     The following is a chronological listing of both official and unofficial Cornhusker mascots (printed and sideline variety) and logos used by the University with respect to the Cornhusker football team and a rough approximation of when they first made an appearance in official publications or on the sideline. If you have good quality scans or photos of others not shown, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll add them to the list.  

     Mouse over the photos for a short discussion and general dates associated with the mascot or logo selected.  Sections marked with an asterisk (*) denote information taken from official Athletic Department publications, such as media guides, programs, or  All copyrights to images below belong to the University of Nebraska and the Athletic Department.  Also, thanks to the Omaha World Herald for descriptions used from the Sep 20, 2003 online edition marked with "-OWH."



A character with a head of corn dates back to the introduction of the Corn Cobs men's spirit group mascot around 1942. This figure appeared thorughout the next couple of decades but apparently had no official name. Names for the cornhead figure included Old Man Cornhusker, Corn Cob Man and Johnnie Husker. -OWH, 2003

Corn Cob: 1940s - 1950s













Johnny Husker was a popular mascot figure in the 1950s

Johnny Husker: 1956

1956 was the only year that Johnny Husker was used as the official mascot by the University of Nebraska. 

Not sure of an official name, but this Husker Man adorned pennants and media items in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Late 1950s - early 1960s

In 1962 the Corn Cobs introduced a new figure to replace the cornhead guy. The 9-foot straw-hatted giant was called Husky the Husker.  The mascot's tenure, however, was short-lived due in large part to the arrival of new coach Bob Devaney, also in 1962.  -OWH, 2003

Husker Man: 1962





This character resembled the first cornhead guy but this time looked more like a full head of corn. Mr. Cornhead also sported a Bob Devaney-influenced cowboy hat. It was not uncommon to see multiple Mr. Cornheads roaming the sidelines during the games.  -OWH, 2003

Mr. Cornhead






< mid



* Big Red, Husker Man, more popularly known as Harry Husker, was first drawn as a caricature by the art director of the Nebraska Farmer Magazine in 1964 by artist Bill Goggins, and adopted as the official mascot by the NU Athletic Department in 1965.

Harry Husker: 1965-1973

















Although it likely was in use long before, I first found the block N as it appears here in the 1970 media guide. If anyone can find it much earlier, please let me know.

This logo appeared on the top-left of all Husker home game programs, as well as other printed materials.  This one was scanned form the cover of the Oklahoma State program from October 24, 1970.


Harry Husker on the sidelines.  The character eventually became a sideline mascot in the early 1970s but after 1973, Harry vanished when Herbie Husker first appeared. Nevertheless Harry Husker lived on for several years in The World-Herald's game prediction and scoreboard cartoons created by artist James Horan. The popular feature ran from 1972 to 1990.  -OWH, 2003

Harry on the Field -1970

























This should be a logo familiar to all Big Red fans, as it was used during the 1971 season to commemorate the 1970 National Championship with the oversized #1 in hopes for another chance at another National Chapmpionship. The Cornhuskers did not disappoint!

Another familiar logo, this one adorning many memorabilia items and 1972 season publications commemorating the back to back 1970-1971 National Championships.


* Herbie Husker evolved out of Nebraska's trip to the Cotton Bowl in 1974. Artist Dirk West of Lubbock, Texas, designed a Cornhusker cartoon for the Cotton Bowl press headquarters that cought the eye of SID Don Bryant. Later, Bryant contacted West for permission to use the cartoon and West expressed a desire to refine his original cartoon and improve some of the character's features. Once commissioned, West's Herbie Husker serves as a mascot for all Husker men's teams.

Herbie Husker: 1974-2002
















This is a look at Herbie Husker from the 1984 season. He has appeared in many variations over the years. Click the Herbie link below to get a view of him in the early 1990s.

Herbie Husker




















Though most often associated with the teams of the 1990s, this logo was featured in media guides as early as the 1983 season.


Another version of the one above appeared in the 1987 media guide - sans any red.


(HuskerJ wearing Harry, 1985)

Big Red - Harry Husker
























Lil' Red burst on the scene of the Nebraska sideline in 1993. Lil' Red was born of the vision of Assistant Athletic Director Barbara Hibner, who fashioned the character after an Omaha Lancer mascot. Intended to appeal to children, Lil' Red is known for his many antics. He dances, stands on his head and even makes his head disappear. Lil' Red is an 8-foot inflatable figure. He landed a spot in the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2007.  -OWH, 2003

Lil' Red







* This block "N" with the script "Huskers" superimposed was first introduced as a licensed logo in the fall of 1993


This logo was placed on items before and during the 1998 season in commemoration of the 1997 National Championship.


This new "buff" version of Herbie first appeared on the sidelines at the start of the 2003 season.  The new look traded overalls for jeans as well as a leaner, more athletic body.  Herbie was named Capital One Mascot of the Year for 2005.

Herbie Husker from 2003












Although it likely was in use long before, I first found the block N as it appears here in the 1970 media guide. If anyone can find it much earlier, please let me know.


Nice shot of the two current mascots enjoying a bicycle ride on the sidelines of the 2008 Red-White game.  Go Huskers!

Herbie and Lil' Red






updated trademarks


Although it likely was in use long before, I first found the block N as it appears here in the 1970 media guide. If anyone can find it much earlier, please let me know. Huskers_script_2016.gif (9489 bytes)

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