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updated 03/26/2017

The SI covers below not only include those that feature Husker games (wins and losses), players and coaches, but also those that include an item related to Nebraska Football or have Nebraska featured in the cover story. I'm starting to include conference preview editions below the line, even though they also appear in the Preseason Publications page here

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[ Fullback Frank Solich running through the Sooners] "Nebraska Goes for No. 1"
Sep 20, 1965
"Husker fullback Frank Solich breaks away"
['66 Bowl Preview] Bowl Preview
Jan 3, 1966
Features preview of the 1966 Nebraska-Alabama Orange Bowl match-up
['67 Kitty McMannus]
Kitty McManus
Jan 2, 1967
NU picked #1 pre-season in 1967
[SI's Top 20 for 1971] College Football Top 20
Sep 13, 1971
No player or coaches, but a Nebraska fan button displayed.  LSU's Tommy Casanova is on the cover as "Best Player in the Nation" - HA!
[Man, Woman and Child, did that put 'em in the aisles!!!] "Irresistible Oklahoma Meets Immovable Nebraska"
Nov 22, 1971
Preview of The Game of the Century!
[Still looking for this one!!!]  "Alabama Challenges Nebraska
for No.1"
Dec 6, 1971 - I know, NU is not on the cover, but that is deceiving. This includes the Game of the Century  details and sets the stage for the Orange Bowl!!!
Bob Terrio recovers an Alabama fumble!
"Awesome Nebraska!"
Jan 10, 1972
NU defeats Alabama 38-6 in the 1972 Orange Bowl to win second straight National Title.
[NU Goes for Three] Coach Devaney
Sep 11, 1973
"Everyone is Gunning for Nebraska!"
[NU 17 - OU 14!]
"Nebraska Bursts Oklahoma's Bubble"
Nov 20, 1978
Coach Osborne's first victory over Switzer's Sooners
[Marvelous Jarvis states his case] "Who's Really No. 1?"
Nov 12, 1979
Jarvis Redwine, NU | Steadman Shealy, AL | Art Schlichter, OSU | Jimmy Jordan, FSU | Delrick Brown, Houston
[NU 24 - PSU 27]
"Prodigious Penn State"
Oct 4, 1982
"Todd Blackledge Throws Nebraska for a Loop"  (with help from the "moving boundary")
NU 44 - PSU 6! "Oh, Those Huskers!"
Sep 5, 1983
Mike Rozier tearing up the Nittany Lion defense!
[Still glad TO went for 2!!!]
"Miracle in Miami"
Jan 9, 1984
31-30 loss to Miami goes down as one of the most memorable - and gut wrenching
NU 44 - UCLA 3! "The Big Red Machine!"
Oct 1, 1984
#2 NU thrashes then #1 UCLA Bruins to take over as #1.
[Steve Taylor]
"Oklahoma O.K."
Nov 30, 1987
"The Sooners Wrap Up Nebraska - And the No. 1 Ranking" - painful loss
[How Sweet, Indeed!] "How Sweet It Is!"
Jan 9, 1995
NU defeats Miami 24-17 to win TO's first National Title
[Battle By The Beach!]
1994 National Championship Commemorative Issue
January 1995
A look back at that memorable season

SI94ChampsSCE.jpg (81771 bytes)

1994 National Championship Special Collector's Edition

Leather bound special issue by SI

[1995 Season Preview - LP]

1995 Season Preview - LP
August 1995
Season Preview Edition.  This cover did NOT jinx the Huskers!

[Fiesta Bowl Preview Special]

"Husker Hero"
Dec 25, 1995
Fiesta Bowl Preview.  "Nebraska is #1 - in Volleyball!"  (Hey, didn't the basketball team win the NIT?) 

[Can't find this one in Florida!]

"Nebraska No. 1 (Again)"
Jan 8, 1996
NU dismantles the #2 Gators 62-24!
(How many times have YOU watched this game?)

[Champions Again!]

"Champions Again!"
January 1996
A look back at that bitter-sweet season and what may be the best team in college football history (1971 Huskers a close second?)

SI95ChampsSCE.jpg (103339 bytes)

1995 National Championship Special Collector's Edition

Leather bound special issue by SI

1996 Season Preview
August 1996 - Ahman Green
Season preview Edition.  Second time the Huskers were featured, this time the jinx struck!

[Ahman Green Leads the Big Red Alert!]

"Red Alert"
Sep 16, 1996
"Ahman Green and Nebraska set their sights on a third straight national title"
Would have been nice!

SI96OsborneSpecial.jpg (102160 bytes)

1996 Insider Authentic

Tom Osborne

Gear Up for '96 with #1 Nebraska

[Going Out in Style!]

"The Tom Osborne Era"
January 1998
Tribute to one of the greatest college football coaches of all time and the 1997 National Champions.

1997 National Championship Special Collector's Edition

Leather bound special issue by SI

[ Ouch!  This one really hurt. ]

"Back On Top"
Nov 6, 2000
Not a great way to get back on an SI cover, in fact it downright hurts!  Good to have OU back, though!

"Who is Eric Crouch?"

Nov 26, 2001

"The Nebraska Quarterback's Unlikely Road to Heisman Front-Runner" - an "SI Curse"?  Sure seemed so in Colorado...

"Miami's Romp In The Rose"

Jan, 2002

Another bad cover, but it was the Rose Bowl for the National Championship.  

SI2007USC.jpg (142621 bytes)

"USC on Fire"

Sep 24, 2007

This one was 49-31, and not even that close, really.


"Big 12 Preview"

Aug 2010

WR Niles Paul - see also Preseason Pubs


"Big Ten Preview"

Aug 2011

QB Taylor Martinez - see also Preseason Pubs

"The Big Ten's New Bully"

Aug 23, 2011

SI Jinx struck early for DT Jared Crick

Additional versions included...

SI2012PreviewBurkhead.jpg (168229 bytes)

"Big Ten Preview"

Aug 21, 2012

Rex Burkhead


SI2013BoPelini.jpg (176737 bytes)

"Big Ten Preview"

July 25, 2013

Head Coach Bo Pelini


If you have other Husker issues that I don't show here, please contact me.  Thanks and enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

Covers that mention Nebraska articles, feature former NU players, or articles covering NU

The Happy Moods of Football
November 9, 1959

Though it is just only a 14 line paragraph, this issue contains a short mention of the Cornhuskers' upset of the mighty Oklahoma Sooners on October 31, 1959. It is found on page 10 in "Football's Week 7" article recapping major games from the previous week. 

Jimmy Jones Leads USC Over Nebraska
September 29, 1969
OK, so it's the feature story, but Jimmy Jones is the feature, not the Cornhuskers.  Nice article about John McKay's USC Trojans winning without O.J. Simpson. Quarterback Jones (J.J.) and Tailback Clarence Davis (C.D.) filled O.J.'s void very nicely.  The Trojans won 31-21 in Lincoln.  NU's sophomore QB was non other than one Jerry Tagge.

The Desperate Race
September 28, 1970

Another short recap covering the 21-21 tie with USC in the Los Angeles Coliseum.  Great quotes from Coach Bob Devaney.

Nebraska is No. 1 / Cowboys and Colts in SB
January 11, 1971

The issue following the 1971Orange Bowl in which NU clinched it's share of the National Title (#1AP) by beating LSU 17-12.  NU was ranked #3 going into the Orange Bowl against #5 LSU.  Notre Dame upset #1 Texas (UPI#1) in the Cotton, Stanford upset #2 Ohio State in the Rose. Irishman Joe Theisman is on the cover.

"Try To Catch a Bolt of Lightning"
November 13, 1972

Very nice article by Dan Jenkins praising Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers.  Based on his coverage of the Colorado game, which surely boosted his appeal to Heisman voters across the country.  

Ram Power
December 8, 1980

Featuring the Los Angeles Rams and former Nebraska Cornhusker Vince Ferragamo on the cover.

"Year of the Tigers"
January 11, 1982

This one hurt, but a great recap of the first shot at No. 1 by a Tom Osborne coached Cornhuskers team, only to be upset by the Clemson Tigers 22-15 for their first (and only) title.  Very nice photo spread as well.

"Nebraska Posts a Real Big Victory"
Dec 6, 1982

Very nice 4 page recap of the Oklahoma game, a 28-24 win, with great photos featuring Roger Craig, Irving Fryar, and Turner Gill.

SI83AndraFranklin.jpg (60286 bytes)

The Day of the Dolphins
January 24, 1983

Andra Franklin, former Husker FB, shines as the Miami Dolphins dismantle the San Diego Chargers in an early playoff game.  Subtitle of "Andra Franklin Plows Through the Chargers" was typical of his playing days at Nebraska, as well as his career with the Dolphins.  Click to enlarge the photo.

Starting Over
July 20, 1981
Vince Ferragamo, former Husker All-American, playing for the Montreal Alouettes.  He left the Los Angeles Rams due to a salary dispute.  While at Nebraska, Ferragamo amassed 3,224 yards passing in two years (75-76), still #5 on the NU career passing chart.  His rating of 147.7 remains the highest of all Husker QBs.

SI83RedskinsHuskerArticle.jpg (63980 bytes)

Make Way for the Skins
October 1983

The top banner states "Nebraska Cornhuskers: Who Can Beat 'Em? Inside story discusses the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Mike Rozier with 8 photos.

The Niner's Nail 'em
January 24, 1985
Roger Craig, former Husker I-Back, "Hammers The Dolphins" in Super Bowl XIX.  Craig gained 2,493 yards from 1979-1982, averaging 6.1 yards per carry and scoring 26 TDs while at Nebraska.

Buffalo Stampede
December 25, 1995
The Bills win the AFC East, and the Huskers were headed to the Fiesta to swamp the Gators.  This was the preview issue for the '96 Fiesta.  

Super Bowl XXXI: Kansas City vs. Green Bay
September 2, 1996
A bold prediction that went awry, but former Husker Neil Smith got his day on the cover. The fold-out featured the Green Bay Packers staring down the Chiefs.


SI96KCNeilSmith_Packers.jpg (240806 bytes)

Super Bowl XXXI: Green Bay vs. Kansas City
September 2, 1996
Second version of the same edition for the Green Bay market, with the Packers on the cover, Chiefs players on the fold-out.


SI97Duke_MattDavison.jpg (298554 bytes)
Basketball Preview
Nov 17, 1997
Pages 62-63 contains three photos and discussion over Matt Davison's improbably flea-kicker catch at the end of the game to put it into overtime, giving Scott Frost and the Huskers a chance to win the game and stay undefeated for a chance at playing for the National Championship.

SI98BrentJones.jpg (80191 bytes)
Crunch Time
Jan 12, 1998
While the cover addresses the NFL playoffs, inside story recounts how the Huskers beat Tennessee in the Orange Bowl to claim a share of the 1997 National Championship.

SI99Nebraska50GSfigures.jpg (290112 bytes)
50 Greatest Sports Figures from Nebraska
December, 1999
...And every other state.  This is the cover for newstands and subscriptions for Nebraska. 

SI2005AhmanGreen.jpg (120325 bytes)
NFL Training Camp Kickoff
Aug 8, 2005
Green Bay Packers running back and former Husker great Ahman Green is featured on the cover. 

SI2004Soccer.jpg (72513 bytes)
The Nebraska Murder
Sep 21, 2004
The Nebraska Women's Soccer team mourns the loss of one of their team mates, Jenna Cooper. 

SI2014GordonRoyals.jpg (116165 bytes)
The Royals - A Season To Savor
October 2014
Special Edition commemorating the Kansas City Royals' winning of the AL Pennant. Featured is former NU Baseball star Alex Gordon.

SI2015LavanteDavid_NFLpreview.jpg (135641 bytes)
NFL Preview - Lavonte David
Sep 7, 2015
Former NU All American Linebacker Lavonte David gets his regional cover for the 2015 NFL Season Preview edition.

SI2015KC_Gordon_WS.jpg (264373 bytes)
KC Royals win the World Series - Alex Gordon
Nov 9, 2015
Special Edition commemorating the Kansas City Royals' World Series Championship.  Front-left on the cover is NU's own Alex Gordon. No Gold Glove this year, but a World Series title probably makes up for it!