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updated 02/15/2018

Media Guides
Click the image to view guides from the 1950's through today

updated 8/22/15

[NU 56 - LA Tech 27]

Pre-Season Classics, Decade Pages, Conference Champs, NC Seasons,  

Bowl Games  

updated 3/5/16

NCAA/Conference Media Guides

NCAA, Big 8, Big XII, Big 10...

updated 2/16/15

MNC Commemorative Books

"Finished Business"
1994, 1995, 1997 National Champions

updated 7/2/17

1966 and 1970 "GO BIG RED"
1966 - All Time Story of the Nebraska Cornhuskers; 1970 - Commemorates the '70 National Championship season

combined 8/7/10

Big8_1974.jpg (165076 bytes)

"The Big Eight" 
Annual Big 8 Conference Preview 

updated 9/13/10

[Devaney - A Dynasty Remembered]

Bob Devaney Titles
A Dynasty Remembered-1994, Athlon
Devaney-by Bob Devaney and Friends
second title added

A Salute to Nebraska's Tom Osborne
Lincoln Journal Star
The leather edition is pictured, I have the regular hardback, which is red.

HI_1982_2.jpg (194924 bytes)

Huskers Illustrated

Covering NU sports since 1981

updated 9/13/16

HV_2012_Vol1_0_Aug.jpg (44160 bytes)

Hail Varsity

Made its debut September 2012

updated 2/15/18

PNICS_1979_2_19.jpg (156366 bytes)

Nebraska Inside Cornhusker Sports

Dec 1978 - Dec 1979   

updated 6/5/12

BRR_2012-4-Dec.jpg (287365 bytes)

Big Red Report

Published by Scout Publishing 

updated 12/15/13


PNebraskaSportsMag199601.jpg (329527 bytes)

Nebraska Sports Magazine

Published by Sports America 

updated 12/15/13

PSP1995TSN.jpg (175636 bytes)

Preseason Publications

Athlon, Lindy's, ESPN, TSN, GamePlan 

updated 4/5/14


News Specials / Sporting News

GI Independent Special Edition Insert following the 1996 Fiesta Bowl

updated 10/26/10

Best of the Big Red Running Backs

P76ColoringBook_Mumma.jpg (308747 bytes)

Coloring and Comic Books
There are only seven that I know of, and here they are...
updated 1/30/12

TV Guides
There are only eight that I know of, and here they are...
Updated 7/14/12

Husker Trivia, History, and More
Some of the best books on Husker history and trivia.  Please send other titles if you have any favorites.

PJournalJohnnie12.jpg (128129 bytes)

Paul Fell Cartoon Predictions

Lincoln Journal Star

New 8/20/11

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