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updated 01/07/2018

[Ticket Stubs and TV Guides]

Ticket Stubs 
Bowls and Decade pages
updated 6/26/16

[Audio and Video Memories]

Audio Library & Radios
Records and Radio stuff sure to bring memories! 
updated 11/15/15

Schedule Cards and Posters; Husker Posters

Wallet sched cards to full size schedul & non-sched posters 

updated 8/8/17

MPin7071pin.jpg (14524 bytes)

Buttons and Pins
Various bowl buttons, season pins, and other accouterments

updated 2/27/16


Collectible Footballs
They're here! 

updated 1/7/17

Postcards  updated 2/20/05
Memorial Stadium 

plus other Husker postcards, featuring the 1941 Rose Bowl Souvenir

MClock_70sRed.jpg (22830 bytes)

Clocks, Lamps, Telephones

1950s Red Helmet clock

updated 1/2/16

[Husker Helmets]

Husker Helmets 
Full sized, Mini, and Pockets 

updated 1/7/17

Plus the reference page!

[The Real Rug]

Memorial Stadium Turf

1970-76 Turf Plaque

updated 8/28/11

MPlaque71OrangeBowl.jpg (24831 bytes)

Plaques and wall hangings

1970-71 NC Plaque

updated 1/7/17

Stained Glass here...

[Various Team and Bowl Game Pennants]

Pennants and Banners 
updated 2/2/16

[Stationary, Caches, Pen/Pencils, Holders]

Caches, Stationary, Pen Holders

updated 6/8/13

MPatch_1989Season.jpg (330298 bytes)

Uniform Patches

Seasons, Bowls, etc.

updated 3/19/17

Stadium Cushions and Umbrellas New!!! 
Storz 1965

updated 1/7/18

Trophies and Statues

Sears Miniatures, Crouch Heisman pose statue, 1974 Sugar Bowl, more... 

updated 9/3/17


[Johnny Rodgers Heisman Trophy Card]
Heisman Trophy Memorabilia
Rodgers / Rozier / Crouch
Downtown Athletic Club
1992 and 1993
Just waiting for Eric's to be released!!!
Cards, Programs, etc.     updated 2/19/05


Various real, promotional and novelty examples

updated 11/15/15

Mpillow_71NationalChamps1.jpg (114664 bytes)

Pillows, Blankets, Throws

Throw Rugs and Mats too....

updated 8/4/13

MBSTICK_1971Sticker3inchReflective.jpg (43439 bytes)

Bumper Stickers


updated 8/18/14

Lighters and Ash Trays
1971 #1!

updated 8/17/17

MHanky_2002_250Sellout.jpg (76872 bytes)

Husker Hankies 

Gameday and Promotionals

Updated 3/26/17

Husker Towels

Gameday and Promotionals

Updated 3/26/17

MWatch1971.jpg (37605 bytes)

Watches, Ties & Accessories

1971 Mascot Watch

updated 10/11/15


MBags_1960sFootballPurse.jpg (21417 bytes)

Garment Bags, Travel Bags, Purses

1960s Football Purse

updated 10/20/16

MLetterPin_Greenburg1928-1931.jpg (125440 bytes)

Letters, Pins, Jewelry

Letters and such

New 10/12/14


MCandle_7071NCtall.jpg (17877 bytes)


Yes - candles!

updated 9/21/17

MBuckle_1983.jpg (121279 bytes)

Belt Buckles

Commemorative Buckles

updated 11/23/14

MKnives1997NC_Case_TO25yrs.jpg (68454 bytes)

Knives and Sets

Case Knives

updated 2/19/08

Key Chains and Tags

1940s Season Ticket Keytag

updated 12/8/10

MNovelty_Glasses197071.jpg (35287 bytes)

Novelty Eyewear 

Glasses and such...

updated 10/28/08

Sporting Goods
Winchester Limited Edition Rifle and TO Putter

updated 11/01/03

M_PCI_1970Avon.jpg (15033 bytes)

Personal Care Items

Misc. items - plus Toilet Seats!

updated 4/5/14


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