Food and Beverage Items

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updated 03/11/2018

Breakfast Cereal Boxes
1994 NC Wheaties
1995 plus others!

updated 2/21/04

[University of Nebraska Monopoly]

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Glass Durkee (left) plus others on the page.

updated 1/8/06

Harry, Herbie Husker, Other 
Plastic Steins
Red and White

updated 9/3/17

FBInsulated _Harry.jpg (15894 bytes)

Insulated Mugs, Thermoses and Glasses 

Open topped and lidded
updated 3/23/14


[Pop bottles]

"Pop" Bottles 
"Soda" bottles as some of us know them better by......

updated 1/2/16


1984 Big Eight Collection

Sports Soda Cans

Sports Beverage Company 1984

updated 5/20/06

FB_PewterStein_1994NC.jpg (47565 bytes)

Metal and Pewter Items

National Championship Plates, Steins

updated 2/25/16


Soda "Pop" Cans

Tom Osborne 25th Season Coke 

updated 7/8/14

Collectible Dinnerware

Football Capital of the World Plate

Melmac?  1972?

updated 12/24/13

1970-71 National Champs Serving Tray, Chip Bowl and Coaster set!  Others added...

updated 6/4/08

FB_1994NC_squeeze_bottle.jpg (73465 bytes)

Sports Bottles 

more to come

new 9/27/08


FB_StadiumCup_1981_RunningHerbie1.jpg (47142 bytes)

Plastic Cups, Stadium Cups

Clear or colored versions

updated 3/11/18


FB_71MilkCarton1.jpg (37690 bytes)

Big Red Dairy and Eggs

Egg and Milk Containers!

updated 7/5/16


FB_Eggs_HuskerFarms.jpg (21096 bytes)

FB_SyrupDispenser.jpg (38352 bytes)

Miscellaneous Kitchen Items

Syrup or Cream Dispenser

updated 9/15/13

FB_TrashCan70s.jpg (120418 bytes)

Popcorn Tins and Cans

Including Trash Cans

updated 10/28/08

Placemats, Napkins, and Coasters!

Various schedules and seasons


updated 3/11/17

FB_Coffee_LaRue_Gameday.jpg (150474 bytes)

Nebraska Coffee

Forever A Husker & LaRue, plus Scooters Coffee!

updated 10/12/14



FB_LunchBox_1992Coca-ColaBowl_small.jpg (8583 bytes)

Lunch Boxes

1992 Tokyo Bowl

New 8/21/10

Farm and Produce

Vintage 1940s? Potato Sack

new 4/12/11


FB_Candy_Peztop.jpg (34073 bytes)

Candy and Snacks

Pez Dispenser

new 3/22/14

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