Player Collectible Figurines

updated 10/06/2013

ToyFigurine_Rodgers_1997SLU.jpg (183295 bytes)      This Johnny Rodgers Starting Lineup was part of the inaugural Heisman Collection which started in 1997 by Kenner.  Others in the initial batch included:

   '69 Steve Owens (OU), '74-'75 Archie Griffin (OSU),
   '76 Tony Dorsett (Pitt), '84 Doug Flutie (BC), 
   '85 Bo Jackson (Auburn), '88 Barry Sanders (OkSU),
   '95 Eddie George (OSU), '96 Danny Wuerffel (UF)

     The set includes a 4" miniature of Johnny "The Jet" in his away uniform, helmet, and a miniature representation of his Heisman Trophy.

ToyFigurine_Suh_2011McFarlane's.jpg (199990 bytes)

     McFarlane's Sportspicks put out this 4" tall Ndamukong  Suh figurine in 2011 as part of their Series 3 NFL Players collection. 

     Others in the series included:  Tim Tebow, Charles Woodson, Adrian Peterson, Troy Polamalu, Joseph Addai, Ray Rice, and Beanie Wells.

     The figure stands up on a 3-1/2" square plastic "turf" base.

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