Ceramic Music Boxes 
updated 08/20/2017

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1950s Fred Roberts Husker Player Music Box

     This is a great item from about the 1950s. He stands 6-1/2" tall with a 4-1/4" diameter base and plays "There is No Place Like Nebraska" when you turn him clockwise to wind it up.  The small black and gold sticker on the green felt bottom states "FRED ROBERTS CO MADE IN JAPAN" 


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1970-1971-??? NC Music Box

     Very unique music box that plays "There Is No Place Like Nebraska" celebrating the back-to-back national titles from 1970 and 1971, and possibly anticipating a third straight from Coach Devaney's last season in 1972.   The base is six-sided.  I looked in the 1969 and 1971 media guides (don't have one for 1970) and did not find a #41 with a name that I recognized as a starter or backup player. This may have been a customized version.  Update: a second version added below 10/28/08.

Thanks to Arnold Remington for the photos and information...

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1984 Musical Teddy Bear

     This teddy bear plays "There Is No Place Like Nebraska" from the 1984 season. 


Thanks to Chad Maun for the photos

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1984 Mike Rozier Music Box

     This is the topper to a music box with the likeness of Mike Rozier that was put out sometime in or after 1984.  Note the #30 and the Heisman Trophy pose. Not sure if this was part of a series, or a short-lived product line that may or may not have been successful (or shut down by licensing issues?).  If anyone has any additional info, please email for an update. 


Thanks to Mike Babcock for the photo


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Musical Lighted Football

     I have had 3-4 contributors send in photos of this one - sorry to take so long to post it.  It was put out in either late 1969 or early 1970 after the change to the helmet with the single "N" logo. It has a small night light in the top that lights when it is wound by rotating the helmet, playing "There Is No Place Like Nebraska" while the helmet rotates on top.  Three views of it give you an appreciation for the details on it.  Note that the logo designs are identical to a few other ceramic items in the Mugs and Steins section.        not in my collection...

Thanks to Chad Maun and an anonymous contributor for these photos.

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