updated 09/04/2015

A true blast from the past! Clickers (or clackers to some) were a popular promotional give-away item in the 1950s through the 1960s, maybe as late as the early 1970s. They were generally pretty small, and made of tin or aluminum, so unless they were taken care of and not played with a lot, there probably aren't that many around in great condition anymore.  If you have a clicker in your collection, we would all appreciate you sending it (or them!) in for addition to the page.

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Early/Mid 1960s


     This is a great great old collectible made by the RALSTOY company of Ralston, NE.  The helmet style and lettering suggest that this item was designed and sold during the early to mid 70's.  The truck is just over 4" long. 

     Inside the bottom is stamped with "RALSTOY 22 Ralston, Nebr. U.S.A."  If anyone has any more info, please contact me.


Thanks to Chad Johns of Lincoln for getting this page started...

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