Small Cars and Trucks

updated 09/24/2013

Not to be confused with the Die-Cast section, these items were designed and sold as toys, not as detailed replicas to be put on a display shelf.  Please send photos of more if you have any.



     This is a great great old collectible made by the RALSTOY company of Ralston, NE.  The helmet style and lettering suggest that this item was designed and sold during the early to mid 70's.  The truck is just over 4" long. 

     Inside the bottom is stamped with "RALSTOY 22 Ralston, Nebr. U.S.A."  If anyone has any more info, please contact me.


Thanks to Dale Liss of Columbus, NE for the photo and info!

Not in my collection.

Hot Wheels 


     The only Huskers Hot Wheels car that I am aware of right now.  I believe it was first issued during the 2000 season. If anyone knows for sure, please email me.




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