Husker Beanies

updated 01/01/17

     Husker Beanies were put out by Casey's Collectibles in Lincoln, likely in the early to mid 1990s. Others may have been put out later. Mike Babcock wrote the text for the tags, including a fact about each player, his position, his birth date, where he was from. The  bears themselves were sold through BPI Collectibles in Sarasota, FL (made in China). They measure just over 8" tall.

     I started the page off with #12, David Humm, and the #99 Neil Smith Beanies sent in by Mike himself - thanks!  I will list them in numerical order and will continue adding to the page as I find more.  If you have others not shown below, please send them in.

Toy_Beanie_12DavidHumm1.jpg (218623 bytes) Toy_Beanie_12DavidHumm2.jpg (197779 bytes)

Toy_Beanie_12JarvisRedwine1.jpg (286291 bytes)

Toy_Beanie_12JarvisRedwine2.jpg (288195 bytes)
12 - David Humm 12 - Jarvis Redwine

Toy_Beanie_21RogerCraig1.jpg (223176 bytes) Toy_Beanie_21RogerCraig2.jpg (244982 bytes) Toy_Beanie_60TomNovak1.jpg (179142 bytes) Toy_Beanie_60TomNovak2.jpg (177459 bytes)
21 - Roger Craig 60 - Tom Novak

Toy_Beanie_75WillShields1.jpg (226838 bytes)

Toy_Beanie_75WillShields2.jpg (228544 bytes)

Toy_Beanie_81WillyHarper1.jpg (162375 bytes)

Toy_Beanie_81WillyHarper2.jpg (146807 bytes)
75 - Will Shields 81 - Willy Harper

Toy_Beanie_99NeilSmith1.jpg (183223 bytes)

Toy_Beanie_99NeilSmith2.jpg (143445 bytes)
99 - Neil Smith
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