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1980's Omaha World Herald Newspaper Vending Machine Bank


     A very neat metal bank put out by the Omaha World Herald. Not sure of the date, but most likely early to mid 1980s. If anyone has any details, please email.

Thanks to Chase Roesler of Crete for the info and pic!


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1970's Banthrico Herbie Bank


     This is a heavy metal bank made by Banthrico - 6 1/2" tall.  The back is imprinted with "United States National Bank of Omaha" and has an old type screw-on bottom.

    My best guess is that this piece dates to the late 70's or early 80's judging by the style.  If you have any information, please contact me.  This is another rare find and worth the investment.

Thanks to Charlie Grady of Bellevue for the info and pic!

Cer1977DogBank.jpg (146819 bytes) Cer1977DogBankb.jpg (128989 bytes)

1977 Husker Dog Bank


      This proud pooch stands 8" tall.  Not sure if it is meant to be Snoopy, or just a generic dog.  Features hand painted helmet and uniform stripes with a mess jersey. 



Thanks to Chad Maun for the photos.


1976 Miniature Helmet Bank


      This helmet bank is approximately 5" tall and has a copyright date on the bottom of 1976. Very nice piece!



(not mine!)


1960-70s Metal Helmet Bank


       This is a nice helmet bank Loyal Gift Prod. Inc.  It says "MC-4 Football Helmet Bank" on the bottom, and has screws that remove for emptying coins.   6" tall.



Thanks to Charlie Grady of Bellevue, NE for the info and photo

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Cer50sHelmetBank2.jpg (69481 bytes)

1960s Ceramic Helmet Bank


       Another nice bank, probably from the 1950s or early 60s. Metal face mask, standard rubber stopper.  4" tall.

Thanks to Chad Maun for the photos

ToyBank_Niagara1.jpg (210360 bytes) ToyBank_Niagara2.jpg (187667 bytes) 1960s Niagara Plastic Bank

    Not positive this is a Nebraska bank, but sure seems to be. May be from the 1950s or 1960s. Made by Niagara Plastics of Erie, PA as shown on the plug. Stands about 11-1/2".

ToyBank_Niagara3.jpg (86535 bytes)

1960s Quinco Bank

    This is a neat bank that was one of a college football series issued by Quinco in the mid-60's.  This one is a Nebraska Cornhusker.  The figure measures 7" and is wearing a helmet and holding a megaphone. Made of plaster similar to nodders.

Thanks to Charlie Grady of Bellevue, NE for the info and photo. 

Cer70'sMascotBank.jpg (105093 bytes) Cer70'sMascotBank2.jpg (85408 bytes)
1970 Harry Husker Bank

      I finally have one of these beauties, thanks to Eric Dobson of Holdrege, NE.  Eric saw my hint that I needed one, and was willing to part with his.  Thanks, Eric!!!

     Bob Ihrig states that these banks were first issued in 1970, when the Red N on white helmet style was first used.  Banks gave them out as free gifts for opening new accounts, so many still have stickers on them with the name of the bank that issued them. The bank stands just under 8" tall.


Cer70'sMascotBank_x2.jpg (102844 bytes)

     After Nebraska won its National Championships in 1970 and 1971, some had National Championship stickers on the base instead of the bank name.  


Thanks, Bob, for the info and Dan Wagner for the photo!

1950's Corn Husker Mascot Bank

Made by Fred A. Kail

     This piece can be dated back to the 50's because of the red helmet and two-word "Corn Huskers".  The Huskers wore red helmets with the white center strip from 1953 to 1956, then added a white number on the side through the 1961 season.

     The base says  "First Continental National Bank & Trust Co. Lincoln, NE." Note the NFL shield on the football.  Many of these were leftover NFL team banks purchased by banks for their local collegiate team.

     The real McCoy's will have a stamp on the bottom somewhere with "FAK" above "FRED A. KAIL, JR" and are made in Japan. Another example on the Ceramic page. 

Information from Bob Ihrig.


1950's Corn Husker

Another Version


     A second version of the Fred Kail bank has surfaced, this one from the Citizens State Bank of Lincoln.  Same basic bank with different color scheme.      

     This one is curious, as the helmet is white which may indicate a reissue after the start of the 1962 season, or an alteration by a previous owner.


from Bob Ihrig.

Cer1950Bank_JanProducts.jpg (63148 bytes) Cer1950Bank_JanProductsb.jpg (65916 bytes)

1950 Jan Products Bank


     This is a great bank from 1950, made my Jan Products.  Features the white helmet and pants with red sweater worn as the team uniform during the early 1950s. 


Thanks to Chad Maun for the photos and info.  

1940/50's Moyer Bank


     Moyer made a series of these banks in all different color combinations. They had no lettering on the chest. It is the common belief that they were sold to schools with matching colors and the school letter (i.e. "M" for Michigan) was painted on by students and sold at the local school shops. They were made in the 40's/early 50's.


Thanks to Lee Atherton for the photo and info.  

(not in my collection)

Cer1962GothamBowlBank1.jpg (87013 bytes)

Cer1962GothamBowlBank2.jpg (54474 bytes)

1962 Gotham Bowl Bank


     This is a great, and hard to find, souvenir from the 1962 Gotham Bowl played against the Miami Hurricanes. It was evidently sold at the game as one end stripe has "NU-    MIAMI-" in gold embossed letters, leaving room to insert the score later on. Also has "GOTHAM BOWL CHAMPS" in gold letters at the top near the slot.  The football is 6" in length and is depicted as sitting sideways on a tee.


Thanks to Chad Maun for the photo and info.  

(not in my collection)

1970's Football Bank


     Small ceramic bank with the classic red helmet and "GO BIG RED" on one side, Herbie Husker and "Cornhuskers" on the other. Likely a mid-1970s bank.


Thanks to Dave Brown for the photo and info.  

(not in my collection)


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