1941 Rose Bowl and 1955 Orange Bowl Celluloid Dolls



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      The first is a celluloid plastic doll that was sold as a souvenir during the 1941 Rose Bowl game.  Nebraska lost to the Stanford Indians by the score of 21-13 in the Cornhuskers' first ever bowl game.

     The dolls were made in Japan (a little irony there?) as they are marked on the back of the neck.  The doll features plastic face, helmet, hands, feet, and football.  The uniform is cloth, stuffed with sawdust.  They are 8" tall.  The dolls do not have numbers or names on the jerseys, so they could probably have represented either team since the schools had the same colors. 

    These dolls were evidently made as early as in the 1930s and outfitted with uniform colors for just about every team that vendors would purchase them for, and sold into at least the early 1980s.  Some can still be found with a pin or ribbon with their school name or mascot.


     Thanks to 'Bama fan Chad Miller for much of the info on these dolls.  He  sent other examples in the first row below to show the variance in colors between dolls, plus one of his Alabama Crimson Tide dolls in the bottom row.  The fourth doll in the first row also has a different style of helmet and hair represented in the mold. This one also has "JAPAN" stamped on the back of his head.  He also sent the doll in the second row, an example of an all-orange variation from the 1955 Orange Bowl, with the bowl button still afixed to the ribbon around its neck.  


     The photo at bottom from outside the Alabama stadium showing a vendor selling similar dolls. They are located on the lower edge of the display board.


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1955 Orange Bowl Doll

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