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TV Guides leading up to the 1995 Orange, 1996 Fiesta, and 1998 Orange Bowls.  Clicking thumnails opens larger photos. Mtvg95Orange.jpg (146995 bytes) MTVguide94Who's1.jpg (150245 bytes) MTVG96Fiesta.jpg (156442 bytes) Any more out there?

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Dec 31 to Jan 6, 1995
'95 Orange Bowl "Battle By the Beach"

Dec 31 to Jan 6, 1995

Another '95 Orange Bowl Preview

Dec 30 to Jan 5, 1996
The preview to the '96 Fiesta Bowl

MTVG98Orange.jpg (163610 bytes) MTVG98Orange1.jpg (174660 bytes) MTVG98Orange3.jpg (179807 bytes) MTVG98Orange2.jpg (172646 bytes) MTVG98Bowls.jpg (158236 bytes)
Dec 27 to Jan 2, 1998
1&2) Preview to Dr. Tom's last game as Head Coach,one with printed signature cover, one without signature

3) Third of the set, features Scott Frost in action during a home game in Lincoln

3) Fourth of the set, features Ahman Green in action, sold primarily in Nebraska and Midwest region

4) National Bowl Preview edition - this one was sold in all states except Nebraska and Michigan

Some honorable mentions from years past ...

MTVguide72.jpg (155359 bytes)

MTVguide72b.jpg (323523 bytes)

Dec 30 to Jan 5, 1973.  Includes the rosters for the '73 Orange Bowl which resulted

in the 40-6 crushing of Notre Dame in Coach Devaney's last game as head coach 

of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

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