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Nebraska Sports Magazine
| updated 01/18/2015 |

     "Nebraska Sports Magazine" is published by Sports America.  I have a few covers listed here, but am looking for more to fill in the page. Not sure when it started publication of when it ended, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me if you have any information.   

PNebraskaSportsMag199410.jpg (36429 bytes)

Oct/Nov 1994

PNebraskaSportsMag199412.jpg (286528 bytes)

Dec 1994

PNebraskaSportsMag199502.jpg (285183 bytes)

Feb 1995 NC Issue

PNebraskaSportsMag199601.jpg (329527 bytes)

Jan 96 NC Issue

PNebraskaSportsMag_EraOfChampions.jpg (158225 bytes)

Jan 1996 NC Issue

1996 Nebraska Sports America - Scott Frost

1996 Sports America

PNebraskaSportsMag199712.jpg (296618 bytes)

Dec 1997 Tom Osborne

PNebraskaSportsMag1998_1.jpg (254897 bytes)

Jan 1998


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