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Husker History and Trivia

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The Greatest Victories in the History of Nebraska Football
by Tom Shatel of the Omaha World Herald
forwarded by Tom Osborne

A personal perspective on the 50 greatest games in the Devaney/Osborne era, beginning with the 25-13 defeat of Michigan on September 29, 1962 - Coach Devaney's first season.  Relive some of the greatest victories during the careers of these two Hall of Fame coaches, which included 21 conference titles, 66 All-Americans, 5 National Championships, and 356 victories.  He concludes with two great losses, the 31-30 loss to Miami ('84 Orange) and the 18-16 loss to FSU ('94 Orange).  A great book for any rabid Husker fan to reread over and over.

The Ultimate Fan's Guide to Nebraska Cornhusker Football
by Mike Babcock of the Lincoln Journal Star and Huskers Illustrated
forwarded by Trev Alberts

As complete collection of Husker history and trivia as your ever going to find anywhere.  Only the true Husker fanatic will know the answers to even a small portion of Mike's questions without looking them up.  Many, of ocurse, are engraved in our memories, like many of the highlights of the "Game of the Century" - but can you name all the starters and their home towns?  How about who scored when and how long was the run, pass, or catch?  This work of devotion makes a great gift for any Husker fan.  Mr. Babcock includes some in-depth sections on Coach Devaney, the story teller, Coach Osborne, and a few players such as Broderick Thomas.  This one sits on my night stand!

The Brook Berringer Story
Arthur L. Lindsay with Jan Berringer

An inspiring biography on one of the best-loved players in Husker history who lost his life much too soon.  One Final Pass is the story of Nebraska Cornhusker quarterback Brook Berringer and his life of tragedy turned into triumph.  Hopefully, this book will not only help readers understand what made Brook such an outstanding role model for youth and old alike, but in the words of author Art Lindsay, "Perhaps...return a bit of balance to an otherwise awkward world."

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