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Hail Varsity
| updated 09/02/2017 |

    Hail Varsity is the magazine for Husker fans, produced by names Husker fans have grown to respect. "Our publication will pave a new path for Husker content, with high quality materials, ensuring our readers will see the Huskers as never before. In addition to the highest quality Husker publication on the market, Husker Nation can follow the Huskers anywhere, anytime." - HV

     Hail Varsity began its run with an unnumbered Inaugural Special Edition commemorating 50 years of consecutive sellouts. Volume 1, Issue 1 was released September 8, 2012 following the start of the Huskers' 2012 season.  As with other magazine pages, this one will feature one issue from each year which will take you to a page for that entire volume of issues.  This page will grow with each volume of Hail Varsity.

Inaugural Sp Ed 8/2011

Volume 1, Issue 1, Sep 8, 2012 - Taylor Martinez

Sep 8, 2012

2013 Preview - Another Scoring Explosion?

June/July 2013

HV_2014_Vol3_4.jpg (352480 bytes)

June/July 2014

HV_2015_Vol4_8.jpg (178083 bytes)

JJune/July 2015

HV_2016_Vol5_7.jpg (359479 bytes)

June/July 2016

HV_2017_Vol6_7.jpg (323307 bytes)

June/July 2017








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