Memorial Stadium Turf
(Most are custom made plaques, unique one of a kind items)

updated 09/24/2013

This first scan was submitted by James and Kathy Montreuil. 
The plate reads:  "A part of NU History From Memorial Stadium. Actual playing surface from the Greatest Era in Cornhusker Football History, 1970-1976.  Home field of '70-'71 National Champions, including the Greatest Team Ever Assembled, 
1971's 13-0-0 BIG RED MACHINE!
(Of course, that was written in 1976, long before the "Decade of Dominance")
I took this scan from an eBay auction.  Again, it is from the 70-76 stadium turf, as indicated on the patch.  


Lamont Lyon sent this pic of his '70-'76 turf plaque.  Variation of the top one, but with the shape of Nebraska.  Very attractive mounting on this one.

Double dose of turf: 1970-76 and 1992-98.
This tandem represents two of the most dominant periods of Husker Football, spanning both Devaney and Osborne eras:
40-5 (70-76) and 44-1 (92-98)!

M70-76Turf_larg.jpg (147213 bytes)

Arnold Remington sent this pic of his 1970-'76 turf door mat cut in the shape of the state. Very nice!

'84-'91 Turf Plaque

Thanks again, Lamont!

MPlaque_1992-98Turf.jpg (30841 bytes)

1992-1998 Winningest Turn in College Football History

Plaque containing a swatch of the Field Turf from Memorial Stadium that served from 1992 through 1998, replaced prior to the 1999 season, and replica of the horshoe.  I'll let the plaque tell the story. 

(photo and details courtesy Cory Johnson - thanks!) 

MPlaque_1992-98Turf2.jpg (39464 bytes)

M84-92--92-98Turf.jpg (87615 bytes)

Memorial Stadium Turf

1984-1992 & 1992-1998 

This is a special one of a kind item by Aaron Dauel that was auctioned off for a fund raiser for Mission 22q in September 2011.  The span of years represent a winning percentage of 84.6%, the highest in the nation with FSU at 84.1%

(photo and details courtesy Aaron Dauel - thanks!) 



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