Replica Trophies and Statues

updated 09/03/2017


       Sears National Championship Trophy Replicas


     These miniature Sears Trophy replicas measure just over 13 inches tall, topped by genuine Waterford Crystal footballs like the real trophies.  

       In addition, there is another version which has a label on each side, one for 1994 and 1995 each.  Haven't seen a version for the 1997 trophy.  If you see one, please contact me

Photos submitted by Randy Mendyk - thanks! 


       Miniature Eric Crouch Heisman pose statue.  This fine piece was issued in a limited edition of 2001 following the season that Eric Crouch won the Heisman Trophy.    


Photo submitted by Randy Mendyk - thanks!

     Brass 1994 National Champions statue by Mark Hopkins. Limited edition of 2500.   Click the thumbs below for close-up details.

Photo submitted by Randy Mendyk - thanks!


MStatueHopkins1.2.jpg (40841 bytes)


  MStatueHopkins1.3.jpg (26865 bytes)

     1974 Sugar Bowl Trophy miniature replica. It is around 8 inches tall with the football on top, weighs almost 5 lbs. It says "Sugar Bowl Classic" just under the rim from handle to handle, hard to see in the photo. "Nebraska vs Florida 1974" is engraved below the ornamentation. It is thought that this is a part of a very limited edition that was put out for coaches, boosters, school administration, etc.  If anyone has any additional information, please contact me and I'll add the updates here.

Photo and info from Dave Brown - thanks!

MTrophies_DevaneyOsborne2xBack2back.jpg (148317 bytes)

Updated!  Nebraska Back-To-Back Championship Signature Series with Tom Osborne and Bob Devaney’s Signatures by Michael Ricker. The edition size was 500 pieces in September 1996 at an issue price of $595.  It stands 10" tall and commemorates the double Back-To-Back National Championships of Coach Bob Devaney (1970-1971) and Coach Tom Osborne (1994-1995).  

Photo from Arnold  Remington. Info updated from an advertisement in the Dec 1997 edition of Nebraska Sports America


     This trophy is thought to have possibly been given to boosters at some sort of dinner and was left for them at the table where they sat.  It is from the mid 1970s by the design of the helmet. It stands 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and made out of metal and marble.  

     Photo and information from Mark Gentile, update from Randy Mendyke.


MTrophies_HeroesGame.jpg (271048 bytes)

     Replica Miniature Heroes Game Trophy.

     This was put out by Rivalry Trophy in 2017. It is a ceramic trophy that stands 15" tall, and measures 6-1/2" square at the base.  Very nice replica for the Cornhusker or Hawkeye fan.