Husker Towels

updated 03/26/2017

Thanks to Cory Johnson for sending in a few towels to get this page started! Bowl Game and regular season Game towels are listed first.  I'll try to list them in chronological order, but dating most of these is difficult to do.  Always looking for more examples to expand the listing.

MTowel_1984_OrangeBowl.jpg (615417 bytes)

1984 Orange Bowl Player's Towel

MTowel_1985_SugarBowl.jpg (1255675 bytes)

1985 Sugar Bowl Player's Towel

MTowel_1986_FiestaBowl.jpg (625796 bytes)

1986 Fiesta Bowl Player's Towel #91, Tony Holloway

MTowel_1989_OrangeBowl.jpg (475960 bytes)

1989 Orange Bowl Player's Towl

MTowel_1990_FiestaBowl.jpg (517073 bytes)

1990 Fiesta Bowl Player's Towl

MTowel_GamePlayer_White_95_DannyNoonan.jpg (473497 bytes)

Danny Noonan's Game Towl

MTowel_GamePlayer_White_HuskersHelmet.jpg (472711 bytes)

White Game Towl

MTowel_GamePlayer_Red_HuskersHelmet.jpg (394180 bytes)

Red Game Towl

MTowel_GO_BIG_RED.jpg (251362 bytes)

GO BIG RED! - 1980s?

MTowel_BigRedWave.jpg (251070 bytes)

Big Red Wave - 1980s?

MTowel_1994_RefuseToLose_Red.jpg (210256 bytes)

1994 Refuse to Lose Red

MTowel_1994_RefuseToLose_White.jpg (207972 bytes)

1994 Refuse to Lose White

MTowel_BlackShirts_1.jpg (139818 bytes)


MTowel_BlackShirts_2.jpg (154266 bytes)

Fringed version of the Blackshirts towel

MTowel_OWH_SpiritTowel.jpg (434807 bytes)

Omaha World Herald - 1980s or 1990s?

MTowel_2011_ATT.jpg (486047 bytes)

Predates the 2012 Season with Script Huskers

MTowel_Big12_SWBell.jpg (228547 bytes)

Somewhere between 1996 and 2010

MTowel_2009_300thSellout.jpg (240787 bytes)

2009 Season celebrating 300 Consecutive Sellouts!

MTowel_2011_BigRed_B1G_Red.jpg (333871 bytes)

2011 - 1st Season in the B1G

MTowel_2012_50YrsSellouts.jpg (599187 bytes)

2012 - 50 Years of Sellouts!

MTowel_2012-2016_IronN.jpg (352309 bytes)

Iron N Student org, home of the Bone Yard, started in 2012

MTowel_2011-2016_BTN_White.jpg (190930 bytes)

BTN towel from one of many visits to Lincoln

MTowel_2013_MinnesotaTowel.jpg (433547 bytes)

MTowel_2015.jpg (151094 bytes)

2015 US Cellular Promotion