Sporting Goods

updated 09/24/2013

Tom Osborne "255 Victories" Edition Gold-Plated Limited Edition Rifle

       Only 255 of these beautiful Winchester .3030 rifles were ever made.  Each one commemorates a specific victory of the legendary coach, Dr. Tom Osborne. The rifle pictured above is dedicated to Victory #192 Homecoming Game vs. Colorado Buffaloes on October 31, 1992 with the Big Red winning 52 7.  It is engraved with numerous facts about Coach Osborne, and also includes a deluxe carrying case and large belt buckle to match.

Photos submitted by Paul Maloley. 

Tom Osborne "255 Victories" Edition Gold-Plated Putter

       This is a custom milled putter, one of a limited set of 836, representing Tom Osborne's career winning percentage as Nebraska's head coach.  The top features the Tom Osborne 255 win celebration logo.   --Thanks to Randy Mendyk of Colorado for the photos and information. --