Personal Care Items

updated 04/05/2014

1970s Avon Bottle


This is one example of how enterprising Husker fans have customized their Avon NFL Team after shave decanters over the years.  This one utilizes a 1970(?) patch or sticker to cover what should have been an NFL team logo.


(photo courtesy of Charlie Grady)



M_PCI_HarryHuskerAvon.jpg (150251 bytes)

Harry Husker Patch Avon Bottle


Another example of customization utilizing a Harry Husker patch to decorate this Avon after shave decanter.


(thanks to Arnold Remington for the photo)

M_PCI_1984Shampoo.jpg (73754 bytes)

1984 Harry Husker Shampoo


Officially licensed and sold during the 1984 season, despite the use of the use of the 1960s era Harry Husker mascot logo. 


(thanks to Arnold Remington for the photo)

M_PCI_1960sHarryScale.jpg (273056 bytes)

1960s Harry Husker Big 8 Bathroom Scale


This item is most likely from early 1960s to promote the Big 8 Conference.  The Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association, of which NU was a member since 1907, didn't officially change names to the Big 8 Conference until 1964, even though it was known over the years as the Big 6 (1928-1947), Big 7 (1948-1957), and the Big 8 starting in 1958.


MBag_1960s_MakeupCase1.jpg (112806 bytes)

MBag_1960s_MakeupCase3.jpg (122841 bytes)

1960s Husker Makeup Case


This is either an early 1960s or late 1950s makeup case with contents intact.  The back features the university seal with block "NEBRASKA" superimposed over the lower half of the seal. Click the thumb below for a view of the contents. Folded measures 10" by 5".

MBag_1960s_MakeupCase2.jpg (102144 bytes)

MToiletSeat_GoBigRed.jpg (70403 bytes)

Go Big Red Toilet Seat


Interesting seat from the 1970s. "BIG RED" in the shape of a football punching a hole throught the numberal one with "GO" right on its tail.


(thanks to Sean Kelly for the photo)



MToiletSeat_GoBigRed_only.jpg (128072 bytes)

Go Big Red Toilet Seat


Another version from the 1970s with simply "GO BIG RED" on the lid. 


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)



MToiletSeatHelmet1.jpg (121048 bytes)

Go Big Red Toilet Seat


Also likely from the 1970s with the helmet superimposed over a block number one.  A look at the underside of the lid below.


(thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo)


MToiletSeatHelmet1.1.jpg (124042 bytes)