Commemorative Knives

updated 09/24/2013

This page is starting off with three commemorative knives put out by W.R. Case & Sons. The knives are about 4" long, cases 4 1/2" x 7".  

MKnives1994NC_CaseCase.jpg (43835 bytes)

MKnives1995NC_Case_backtobackCase.jpg (25508 bytes)

MKnives1997NC_Case_TO25yrsCase.jpg (38850 bytes)

MKnives1994NC_Case.jpg (50760 bytes)
1994 NC Knife

MKnives1995NC_Case_backtoback.jpg (52771 bytes)

1994-1995 Back to Back Knife

MKnives1997NC_Case_TO25yrs.jpg (68454 bytes)
1997 NC, Farewell TO Knife

The two below were recently contributed anonymously.  I was also contacted a few years ago by Randy Mendyk who sent photos of these and more from his collection, but I was not able to post them in a timely manner at the time and shortly after lost the files. I finally recovered those files and have posted photos of the exteriors of the cases above and the two knives below.   

MKnives1994AmericanHeritage.jpg (166982 bytes) MKnives1997AmericanHeritage.jpg (142555 bytes)
1994-95 American Heritage Collector's edition of 500 1997 NC American Heritage Collector's edition of 100