Husker  Helmets

updated 09/24/2013

I'll attempt to find as many examples of historical helmets that I can to insert on this page.  If you have more examples, please email them to me.  All pictured below are replica helmets, not actual game used helmets.





Many thanks go out to the Sports Fan Shop for allowing me to use the first eight photos on this page for reference purposes.  Click the banner above to go straight to their Nebraska Cornhuskers team merchandise.

The photos from this page are of throwback helmets that you can purchase from them.

More info at the Helmet Hut.



Also visit the Helmet Project for details.

1967-1968 1969 - 100th year of CFB 1970-1981 (single face mask)

Notes (borrowed from the Helmet Project):

     * The 1961-65 image most closely resembles the helmet design used in 1962 and later. The 1961 helmets were similar, but the numerals were worn considerably higher up on the sides of the helmet from 1962 to 1965, perhaps less so in 1965 than in the previous three years.

     * The "NU" logo was first used during Nebraska's appearance in the Sugar Bowl against Alabama at the end of the 1966 season. For the most part, the "NU" was replaced with just an "N" in 1970, but at least some players on the team were still using the "NU" as late as 1971.

     * The "100" decal on the 1969 helmet was dark blue rather than red or black; the white numerals on the decal were apparently outlined in red.

     * Nebraska switched to red faceguards for the first time for the 1982 Orange Bowl against Clemson.


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