Husker Collectible Helmets

updated 01/07/2017

I'll try to post images of some of the more interesting collectible helmets that are sent to me or that I find on the internet and elsewhere.  Mainly, those with autographs special meaning.  

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MHelmet_1970NCauto.jpg (168022 bytes)
Full sized, Tom Osborne's autograph 1970 NC Team signed

click the photo to see the reverse angle - MU/NU combination helmet!

MHelmet_1994-1995_NC_TOsignature.jpg (169240 bytes)

1994 NC Helmet

1994-1995 NC - TO's autograph

1999 Team signed AIR

Birthday present from my wife, the CU Buff fan...

MHelmet_2002RoseBowl_CrouchAuto.jpg (150884 bytes)

Eric Crouch Auto Riddell Replica 2002 Rose Bowl Eric Crouch Auto 2003 Team Autographed

Heisman Trophy Signatures - Rozier, Crouch, George Rogers visible

Retirement gift from brother and sister-in-law Retirement gift from brother and sister-in-law
Heisman Trophy (Rozier, Crouch, others) 2009 Coaching Staff Auto Riddell 2009 Coaching Staff Left View

Mini Helmets 

Riddell makes throwback helmets for 1967-68 (NU on the side), the 100th year season of 1969, 1970-81 (N logo with gray facemask), 1982 to present (red facemask), the '94-'95 NC helmet, and the Heisman Trophy commemoratives.  Schutt also features a 1982 to present version, and the 5-Time National Championship helmet.

MHelmet_1970sPlasticMini.jpg (113228 bytes)

   This is an early example of a miniature helmet from the 1970s. Basic plastic shell with very little detail, stands 5-1/4" tall. Many of these were taken apart for use in making helmet plaques, such as the Big 8 Conference Helmet Plaques put out by Big Sur from Omaha.  The shell is two halves glued together, the seam was covered with the red tape stripe.  Below is a shot of the interior showing the seam and glue smear.  Very hard to find intact these days!

MHelmet_1970sPlasticMini_inside.jpg (106017 bytes)

Riddell 1964 Bob Brown Mini

Riddell 1967-68 Mini

This is the more authentic 1969 version

Riddell 1969 Mini - 100th Year of CF

Not as authentic as the Riddell version - the "100" sticker was larger and blue - not red

Schutt 1969 Mini - 100th Year of CF

Riddell 1970-81 Mini

Riddell 1982 to Present Mini

Schutt 1982 to Present Mini

Riddell 1994-95 Back-to-Back Mini

MHelmet_5xChamps_HeismanSignatures.jpg (109594 bytes)

Schutt 5 X Champs, 3 Heismans

Mike Rozier signed Mini

Riddell Rozier Heisman signed Mini

Riddell Crouch Heisman Mini

Eric Crouch 

Johnny Rodgers signed mini

Jerry Tagge signed Mini

John Dutton signed Mini

Vince Ferragamo signed Mini

Rodger Craig
signed Mini

Irving Fryar signed Mini

Tom Osborne 25 Year

2005 Alamo Bowl Mini

Barrett Ruud Riddell Mini

Adam Carriker signed Min

Marlon Lucky signed Mini

MHelmet_CalvinJonesMini.jpg (112495 bytes)

Calvin Jones signed Riddell Mini

MHelmet_LawrencePhillipsMini.jpg (119304 bytes)

Lawrence Phillips signed Riddell Mini

MHelmet_AlexHeneryMini.jpg (109120 bytes)

Alex Henery signed Schutte mini

MHelmet_2011Riddell.jpg (77264 bytes)

2011 Riddell Speed Mini

MHelmet_2012WiscAltMini.jpg (55357 bytes)

2012 vs Wisconsin Riddell Alt Mini

MHelmet_2012WiscAltSpeedMini.jpg (40176 bytes)

2012 v Wisconsin Riddell Speed Mini

MHelmet_2013UCLAAltMini.jpg (58121 bytes)

2013 vs UCLA Riddell Speed Mini

MHelmet_2014IllinoisAltMini.jpg (66378 bytes)

2014 vs Illinois Riddell Speed Mini

Andy Janovich #35

2015 vs Northwestern Schutt Mini



Tommy Armstron #4

2016 vs Northwestern Riddell Mini

Pocket Helmets 

Riddell started making Pocket Size helmets around the early 2000s as best as I can tell.  The three sets that I know of that include Nebraska are listed below. The Big Twelve set does not have a date on it, the B1G sets are marked as noted. 

MHelmet_PocketBigXII.jpg (224742 bytes)

Big Twelve Conference undated

MHelmet_PocketB1G2011.jpg (197647 bytes)

Big Ten Conference - May 2011

MHelmet_PocketB1G2014.jpg (244771 bytes)

Big Ten Conference - July 2014

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