Stadium Seat Cushions

updated 09/05/2016

24 and counting...


Early 1950s "Johnny Husker" cushion

Closer view - son of Corn Man????

1950s "Mister Corn" cushion

1965 View of Stadium, prior to North being complete

Stortz Beer, Omaha for the 1965 Season

Other Side, 3 bowls in 3 consecutive seasons

1969 Sun Bowl

Thanks, Hector!

1970 #1 Helmet

circa 1970 Go Big Red Harry  

Back side with the block N

MCushionMisty1.jpg (67879 bytes)

circa 1970 Misty Lounge - click to enlarge  

MCushionMisty2.jpg (80315 bytes)

Back side of Misty Lounge cushion

1971 Natelsons No. 1 in Fashion!  (Omaha Store)

Thanks, Hector!

Herbie Husker Cushion

1970's KFOR Cushion

Backside of 1970's KFOR Cushion

Thanks, Hector!

1970 #1 Football

Thanks, Hector!


Thanks, Arnold!

1972-76 Schedule

Thanks, Hector!

Booster Club Cushion


Early 1970s Booster Club Cushion

MCushion1975FiestaBowl.jpg (173535 bytes)

1975 Fiesta Bowl

Thanks, Hector!

1982 Orange Bowl loss to Clemson

21-20 win over LSU in the '83 Orange Bowl

This cusion has a pocket on the back that holds a red rain jacket with the same logos and writing as the cusion - neat!

1988 Fiesta, Lincoln Tour & Travel - raincoat inside!

MCushion1980sSheepskin1.jpg (168430 bytes) MCushion1980sSheepskin2.jpg (210815 bytes)

Mid to Late 1980s Fleece Cushions put out by

Husker Heaven. Vinyl backside can be seen here.