Commemorative Caches,
Stationary, and Writing Intruments

updated 11/24/2016

1941 Rose Bowl Cache

NU played in its first bowl game January 1, 1941 in the Rose Bowl.  The Huskers lost to the Stanford Indians, 13-21 and finished with an 8-2 record, ranked 18th in the AP.

1971 Orange Bowl Cache

We all know how this one turned out, 17-12 over LSU in the Orange Bowl to claim Nebraska's first ever National Championship.

M1972Envelope.jpg (88884 bytes)

1972 Season Schedule Envelope

A very familiar logo adorns this commemorative envolope featuring the 1972 schedule on the back.

M1980SunBowlCache.jpg (100365 bytes)

1980 Sun Bowl Cache

9-2 Nebraska took on 9-2 Mississippi State and came away with a 31-17 win to finish #7 in both polls.

thanks to Chad Maun...

1996 National Champs - Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Cache

1996 Fiesta Bowl Cache.  Sorry for the grainy image, Ill try to replace it when I can.

1997 National Champs/Tom Osborne Cache

This is my only one on hand... 

Click image for framed auto'd version from Chad Maun

2000 Alamo Bowl Cache

Many records were broken in this bowl game!

1970-1971 BIG RED #1 Stationary

This stationary was printed in 1972 following the back-to-back National Championship seasons.  I'm sure that this is a very rare find any more.

another view here


1994 National Champs Cache

Great design of a "1" superimposed over the state of Nebraska, with the cancellation stamp stating "Finished Business" under the helmet.  "There Is No Place Like Nebraska... We Support Big Red"

Schedule and results on the back.

(Note the Florida Stamp on both of these - heh!)

1995 National Champs
Back to Back Cache

Virtually the same as the 1994 edition, with the
Back to Back logo replacing the helmet.

MStationary_72Pen Holder.jpg (20632 bytes)

MStationary_72Pen Holder2.jpg (28821 bytes)

1972 Schedule Pen Holder

Harry Husker is featured on this unique 3" triangular pen and pencil holder put out by Barnes Oil Company in Ashland.  The side not pictured features the 1973 schedule.  Click to enlarge the thumbnails.

Contributed anonymously

MStationary_70sPen Holder.jpg (147151 bytes)

1970s Helmet Pen Holder

I've lost the name on the manufacturer's label, but this neat pen holder has a green felt bottom with a small gold maker label on the bottom.  This one is missing it's pen receptacle and pen. Measures about 6" wide.

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