Bumper Stickers

updated 08/18/2014
Thanks to Tim B. for sending the "BIG RED, NO. ONE" using oranges for inspiring the start of this page. Also to Chad Maun for providing all the rest.  I'm sure that there are too many bumper stickers out there to ever compile a complete display, but send them in if you have them! Mouse over for a bit of info on each.

1969 Year of the Huskers -Maun

1960s or early 1970s Red Hat -Maun

1960s The Nebraska Clothing Company, Omaha (huskerj)

1971 The Nebraska Clothing Company -Maun

1960s or 1970s The Nebraska Clothing Company, Omaha (huskerj)

1970 National Champs -Maun

MBSTICK_1971_NationalChampionshipCountry.jpg (74801 bytes)

1970 National Champs -Maun

1960s large bumper sticker - matches many item designs from the 1960s -Maun 1970 Natinal Champs, put out in 1971 -Maun 1970-1972 Back-to-Back NC put out in 1972 -Maun 1971 National Champs, put out in 1972 -Maun

1971 Who the Hell is Alabama - Nebraska No. 1! -Maun 1972 NU No. 1 Again (1971) -Maun

1970-1971 National Champs -Maun 1970-1971 National Champs -Maun

1970-1971 NC No 1 Again - Maun 1970-1971 NC No 1 Again Dakota County State Bank -Maun

Probably commemorates the 1970 National Championship from 1971 -Tim B

Early 1970s from Wahoo, NE -Maun

1971 #1, Dort's Bar & Grill, Papillion, NE -Maun 1971 Ben Simons 3" reflective

1960s bumper sticker -Maun 1970s Kitty Clover Potato Chips -Maun

Danish "GO BIG RED" -Maun

Polish "GO BIG RED" -Maun

MBSTICK_1971_GoBigRed_moving.jpg (80060 bytes)

1970s Hamm's Beer, GO BIG RED #1! -Maun

1970s Go Big Red -Maun

1970 or 80s Herbie Husker GBR -Maun

1982 Orange Bowl -Maun

1987 Sugar Bowl -Maun

1994 Finished Business National Champs - KFAB  (Maun) 1994 National Champs Transparent -Maun

1994 National Champs -Maun 1994 National Champs Herbie -Maun

1994 National Champs Thank You Tom -Maun 1995 Keep it Alive in '95 - KFAB  (Maun)

1994-1995 National Championships - Perfect Seasons -Maun 1995 National Champs Husker Hounds -Maun

1994-1995 Back to Back Map -Maun 1994-1995 Back to Back National Champs -Maun

1997 National Champs Transparent -Maun 1997 National Champs -Maun

1997 National Champs Orange Bowl -Maun MBSTICK_1997NC_Dominating.jpg (80366 bytes)

2002 Rose Bowl -Maun

Year Unknown

MBSTICK_1980s_BigRedWillRiseAgain.jpg (362680 bytes)