Belt Buckles

updated 11/26/2014


    This page got its start with a huge contribution from Cory Johnson of Omaha, starting with his collection of buckles made by ErnMe Buckle Co in Alma, NE in the first section (and A&K in the second).  ErnMe started making the buckles in 1983 and continue to the present.  They have the season schedule with score results on the reverse side of the buckles.  They are made from pewter.  I will continue to add examples from other contributors (2010-12 from Chase Roesler) as they come in.

    Later sections include A&K, Montana Silversmiths, Dart, Award Design Metals, and other miscellaneous buckles.








1989 - 100 years of Football at Nebraska






1994 National Champions

1994 National Champions - rare due to not being finished


1995 National Champions

1994-1995 Back to Back National Champions



1997 National Champions












2009 Gator Bowl

2009 Special Edition

2009 300th Sellout Special Edition Buckle

2010  (Chase)

2011 B1G Inaugural Season (Chase)

2011  (Chase)

2012 Homecoming  (Chase)

    Here are some buckles from A&K Buckle Co. from Alma, NE.  Long story but a salesman from ErnMe started making buckles on the side while working for ErnMe. Once they found out about it, he no longer worked there.  The Blackshirts and the Pipeline buckles are super sweet!  Then the Devaney/Osborne and Osborne buckles are priceless!  Same as the ErnMe buckles, they are made from pewter and have the scores on the back, plus some have a brief history of why the buckle was made.  For example the Blackshirts buckle states: "The term Blackshirts originated in 1964 under the leadership of George Kelley.  Up to the present time a defensive player knows when he has made the starting defensive unit when he opens his locker and sees a black practice jersey hanging in front of him.  The Blackshirts have come to be regarded as one of the most intimidating defenses in the nation."  [Top]

1st Issue A&K

2nd Issue A&K

3rd Issue A&K

4th Issue A&K

4th Issue - 5 Time National Champs

5th Issue - 1994 National Champions

6th Issue - Back to Back NC

7th Issue - Blackshirts Tradition Buckle

8th Issue - NC years

8th Issue - NC years (Chase)

9th Issue - 1997 National Champions

Final Year - Big 8 Conference

Big 12 Conference Inaugural Year

MBuckle_A&K_Devaney_Osborne.jpg (101857 bytes)

A&K Devaney Osborne plated  (Chase)

Eric Crouch

The Pipeline

Coach Osborne

A&K Coach Osborne gold (Chase)

    Here are a couple of buckles from Montana Silversmiths.   I'll add others - if you have photos to share, don't hesitate to send them in.  [Top]

1970-71 - 1994-95 Back To Back National Champs by Montana Silversmiths

1997 NC Montana Silversmiths Platt

1997 NC Montana Silversmiths Platt

Four Time National Champs  1997 National Champs, #19 of 1997?

    The next three buckles are from the Dart Inc. courtesy of Randy Mendyk.  Dart made a limited edition of 5000 of each buckle.  [Top]

1994 National Champions Dart 1995 National Champions Dart 1997 National Champs Dart

    The next three buckles are from the Award Design Metals Inc. courtesy of Barry Harris.  The backside of each featured the season schedule and scores.  A few others added below from Chase Roesler   [Top]

1997 NC Award Design Metals Inc. 1997 NC Award Design Metals Inc. 1997 NC Award Design Metals Inc.

Big Red Football  (Chase) 1995 NCx4 ADM 1995 NCx4 plated ADM  (Chase)

MBuckle_CornhuskerState_ADM.jpg (132080 bytes) Big Red Football  (Chase)

    Here are a few other buckles from miscellaneous companies in no particular order.  If any of these belong in the sections above, please let me know and I'll move them. I'll add a few of my own in the future, and if anyone out there has others to share, don't hesitate to send them in.   [Top]

MBuckle_1960s_Harry_Round.jpg (164257 bytes)

Footbal Shape 1970s? (Chase)

"Our House" - Remember Broderick Thomas' infamous claim in 1987 that OU would not take the keys to "our house?"

MBuckle_Misc_HerbieOval.jpg (52493 bytes)

MBuckle_1970-71NC.jpg (55530 bytes)

1970s? Helmet Oval (Chase)

Helmet 1980s? (Chase)

MBuckle_LeatherHelmet.jpg (136460 bytes)

MBuckle_Misc_BigRedHuskers.jpg (92862 bytes)

Heritage Mint

Herbie Brass  (Chase)

1980 Cotton Bowl (Chase)

1978 Raintree  (Chase)

1970s? Helmet Herbie blue  (Chase)

5x National Champs Silver (Chase)