Garment Bags, Travel Bags and Purses

updated 10/20/2016


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Garment Bags

1960s with Leather-like material - Arnold Remington

 1960s era made by Storz Brewery - Chad Maun

1965 Storz Brewery Garment bag, matches the 1965 season seat cushion - Chad Maun

 1966 Season, 1967 Sugar Bowl Garment bag - Arnold Remington

1960s or 1970s NBC Bank - Arnold Remington

1970s "Go Big Red" garment bag - Arnold Remington 

1980s "Football Country USA" garment bag - Arnold Remington 1970-1971 National Champions Garment Bag

1970 National Champs - Charlie Grady MBag_1998OrangeBowl_GarmentBag.jpg (117761 bytes)

This is an interesting 15" by 8" tote bag submitted by Charlie Grady. It has a small microphone emblem that appears to say "Bremser" along the lower portion. Could have been Lyell Bremser's personal bag?

Travel Bags

MBag_1971Hawaii_Travel1.jpg (48964 bytes)MBag_1971Hawaii_Travel2.jpg (78767 bytes)

1971 Travel Bag - Hawaii Game

1971 Hawaii Game Travel Bag - Bob Ihrig

1971 Travel Bag - Hawaii Game

MBag_1984OrangeBowl_Travel1.jpg (41964 bytes)MBag_1984OrangeBowl_Travel2.jpg (44344 bytes)

1984 Orange Bowl Travel Bag 

17" tall x 14" wide "How Sweet It Is"

1960s or 1970s Travel Bag

Duffel/Gym Bags

[1960s travel bag - Daniel Vajgrt] MBag_1960s_Gym.jpg (103364 bytes)


1960s Gather Bag Purse - Arnold Remington

1960s Gather Bag Purse - Dave Brown

1960s Gather Bag Mini Purse - Arnold Remington 

1960s Football Purse - Dave Brown

  2007 Football Purse