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This page will also be a long time in the making, but I will try to gather as many important items in this category as I can.  If you have any not shown, please email me.  You may also be able to purchase some great historical play-by-play here.  Thanks.


1962 Season Highlights

     Bob Devaney's inaugural season as the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Devaney took the team from a dismal 3-6-1 record under Bill Jennings in 1961, to a spactacular 9-2 with a 36-34 win over the Miami Hurricanes in the Gotham Bowl December 15th.  The album is narrated by Bob Zenner, voice of the Cornhuskers and Sportscaster of the Year for 1962, and is chock full of live broadcast clips.

Thanks to Dennis Widga for the scan

1963 Season Highlights

     Devaney's second, and most exciting season of the decade.  The team finished the season with at 10-1 record, Big 8 Championship and ranked 5th and 6th in the AP and UPI respectively.  Only a 13-17 defeat to the hands of the Air Force Academy blemished the record. 


1964 Orange Bowl

     Recorded highlights of the '64 Orange Bowl in which the Huskers beat the Auburn Tigers 13-7.  This is a 45 rpm record recorded at 33-1/3 rpm.

1964 Season Highlights

     In Devaney's third season, the Cornhuskers ended the season 9-2, finishing as Big 8 Champs.  Only a 7-17 loss to Oklahoma and a 7-10 loss to Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl blemished the record.  Final rankings were 6th in both the UPI and AP polls.

Thanks to Dennis Widga for the scan

1965 Season Highlights

     A near-perfect 10-1 season, finishing as Big 8 Champs for the third year in a row, only to fall 28-39 to the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Orange Bowl.  The Cornhuskers finished ranked 3d in the UPI, 5th in the AP.
Thanks to Dennis Widga for the scan

MrecordGoBigRed1.jpg (71706 bytes)

MrecordGoBigRed2.jpg (76086 bytes)

BIG RED RED! - 1960s

     Though not a specific football record, this 45 rpm is a great old collectible, as it contains "Dear Old Nebraska U" on side 1, followed by "Nebraska Chant" by the Men's Glee Club, and "Hail Nebraska".   Band Director Don Lentz, director from 1937 to 1973, is mentioned on both sides. This record most likely comes from the 1960s.

1970 Season Highlights

   This album was released at the conclusion of the 1970 football season, prior to the 1971 Orange Bowl. It commemorates the highly successful Devaney Era to that point.  Nebraska went on to win its 1st National Championship that year, beating LSU in the Orange Bowl 17-12. The album cover is like a book with several pages showing great pictures of the football staff, Devaney's All-Americans, the 1970 squad, "Nebraska Memories", etc.  The album itself contains an introduction by Chris Schenkel and various narratives by coaches and players plus some of Nebraska's fight songs.

Thanks to Charlie Grady of Bellevue, NE for the pic.


The Sounds of No. 1!

   Game-by-game highlights of the 1970 regular season, with the voice of Radio WOW's Russ Baldwin and color man Don Purcell just as they described the Huskers on their way to the Big Eight and National Championships.  Includes President Nixon's presentation of the No. 1 trophy to the team in Lincoln.


    Click the image to get a view of the back of the album.


1971 Season Highlights
"Man, Woman, and Child!"

     I was only five years old at the time, but I can still remember that famous line as clear as if I heard it yesterday!  These are the highlights of the 1971 season as only Lyle Bremser could broadcasted them.  Hear this and many other "Bremserisms" from that magical season!


1971 Number One!

    "The inside story behind the incredible success of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers." Begins with an introduction by the late great Johnny Carson, and a special tribute to Coach Bob Devaney by legendary Coach Dan Devine of the Green Bay Packers.  Features interviews by Bob Kurtz with Coach Devaney, players and coaches from the National Championship 1971 team.


Univ. of Nebraska Presents...

Bob Devaney's Five Greatest Cornhusker Games

This is a tribute album covering what were considered Coach Devaney's five greatest games at that point in his career.  Included are the 1963 victory over Oklahoma (29-20), 1969 Sun Bowl over Georgia (45-6), the 1971 Orange Bowl over LSU (17-12), the '71 Game of the Century victory over Oklahoma (35-31) and the '72 Orange Bowl victory over Alabama (38-6).

Images donated by Keith Kosnic, Michigan fan from Colorado - Thanks!

Mrecord72Xmas.jpg (16423 bytes)

1972 Big Red Christmas

   I'm sure they played football better than they sang, but after back to back National Championships, I'm sure they sounded great.  Click on the image to view the back cover of this hard to find album.


Thanks to Charlie Grady of Bellevue, NE for the pic.


Mrecord73GloryoftheGridiron.jpg (208097 bytes)

1973 Glory of the Gridiron


   Great 1973 album featuring the Cornhusker Marching Band. 


Thanks to Arnold Remington for the pic.


Mrecord76MarchingRed.jpg (54518 bytes)

The Marching Red 1976


   The "Pride of All Nebraska" is featured on this album that includes numbers such asOld man river, hallelujah, Goldfinger, Pink Panther, Brisbane Song , Fanfares & Hail Varsity. Album was recorded In concert on campus 12/03/1976. 


Thanks to Jeff Wiese for the photo and info.


"Ode To The Big Red"

     This is an older record, from the 1970's, titled "ODE TO THE BIG RED" performed by Urel Albert. It is a nice 45 record that has a unique song dedicated to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  #1 is superimposed over the player on the front of the record cover. A very nice Cornhusker collectible.  These were made for other teams in the 1970s as well, such as "Michigan #1."

Thanks to Bob Ihrig of Lincoln for the scan and text.

Click the photo to view the lyrics submitted by Gail Bell of Paola, KS and listen to the original sent in by Ron Fergeson.

Side One


     This 33-1/3 was released in 1982.  Songs include:
"Coke is It", "Ode To The Huskers" (updated version), "Big Red Fan", "Okie Knuckleheads Don't Belong", "We're The Huskers", "Husker Fever", "Don't Make A Husker Mad", "There Must be a Hole" and more. Click the thumb to view the updated lyrics to "Ode"

Thanks to Ron Eilers of Wichita, President of Kansas Cornhuskers Alumni Chapter.

MRecord84JohnnyRodgers.jpg (99918 bytes)

Johnny Rodgers "GO HUSKERS"

     This 45 rpm record was released in 1984. It is set to the hit "Ghostbusters" with the title line "Go Huskers" in its place. The A Side is titled " '84 Team Version" with a listing of the 1984 starting offense toward the end of the 3:36 long song.  The B side is the same without the lineup. Pretty cool little record!

Mrecord84MarchingRed.jpg (60466 bytes)

Marching Red 1984

     The "Pride of All Nebraska" is featured on this album that includes numbers such as The Lady and the Tramp, If I Were a Rich Man, Mooreside March, Bottle Dance, Hail Varsity & There is No Place Like Nebraska.


Thanks to Jeff Wiese for the photo and information.

Mrecord85MarchingRed.jpg (125629 bytes)

Marching Red 1985

     The "Pride of All Nebraska" is featured on this album that includes numbers such as Light Cavalry Overture, How the West Was Won, Ease on Down the Road, Devil Went Down to Georgia, Disney Opening, Marry Poppins, Fanfares, No Place Like Nebraska, Hail Varsity, just a sample of the songs.


Thanks to Jeff Wiese for the photo and information.

Marching Band Albums - Unknown Years

If you happen to know anything about these two albums, please let me know.

Thanks to Jeff Wiese for the photos.

Mrecord_MarchingBand.jpg (54538 bytes)

Mrecord_MarchingBand2.jpg (54179 bytes)

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Late 60s/Early 70's Husker Transistor

A transistor radio that every Big Red fan would have proudly held to their ear in the late '60s or early '70s listening to the likes of Lyell Bremser (KFAB), Bob Kurtz, Russ Baldwin (WOW), Dick Perry (KFOR) and others.

Thanks to Dale Liss for the photos

1972 AM Bathroom Radio

Here's a radio for listening to the Big Game while you're in the bathroom!  It's an AM radio with an attached toilet paper holder.  It even came with its own roll of Big Red toilet paper!
Not mine, thanks to Charlie Grady of 
Bellevue, NE for the pic and info!

1973 AM Radio

I don't know much about this
beauty, other than it stands 6 inches
tall, and requires one 9 volt battery.


MRadioHelmet1973white.jpg (114269 bytes)

1973 AM Radio 

White version of the red one above. 


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