Various Shot Glasses

updated  07/06/2016  

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GRedHelmetShot.jpg (100377 bytes) This little beauty appears to be from 1969 or 1970, but I'm not certain.  The reason that I say that is because of the use of the red helmet, as opposed to a white helmet with red lettering, or even a clear helmet with a red outline and red N.  When NU changed the helmet design for the 1970 season, they weren't sure if they were going to use red helmets with white lettering or vice versa.  White with red lettering was eventually chosen, leaving product designers that jumped the gun in a quandary.  Finding those items now is difficult, which may boost their value.  Again, I am not certain that this particular one comes from 1970, but chances are it did.  Please contact me if you have any definite information on this one.  I just acquired this one recently.  It stands 2-1/4" tall. 

Glass70sHelmetShot.jpg (97452 bytes) Updated the photo at left with one from Brad Reidy. This is probably an early '70s helmet shot.  Very clear, crisp graphics in vibrant red and white.  Identical on both sides.

thanks to Brad Reidy for the photos...


Glass70sHelmetShot2.jpg (111083 bytes) A companion shot to the one above, also most likely from the early to mid 1970s.  I have seen later versions with similar designs that visually appear to be newer.  

Glass70sHelmetShot3.jpg (111586 bytes) Another version with a slightly different "N" design from the early to mid 1970s.

thanks to Brad Reidy for the photos...

"Attitude Adjuster" is the name, and it sure would do that! Not sure of the date on this 7-1/2" tall shot, but it appears to be one of a series, as I acquired it with a "Texas Attitude Adjuster" of similar design. The mouth is just over 1-1/2" wide.  Measurements range from "Why Bother" to "Safety" to "Field Goal" and "Touchdown" as if scoring more points for larger shots.  Great conversation piece.



GShotSuperShooter.jpg (182065 bytes) The Nebraska Super Shooter.  No date on this 7-1/2" tall shot, but is very similar in size and appearance to the Attitude Adjuster with the exception of the font used. The font makes me think it may be from the 1970s but that is just a guess. The mouth is just over 1-1/2" wide.  Measurements range from "Water Boy" to "Cheer Leader" to "Player."   Great conversation piece.

thanks to Brad Reidy for the photos...



Dark photo, but a great shot.  This is probably another example from the '70s.  This one stands 4" tall, and measures 1-3/8" across the mouth.


GShotHerbie_2.25.jpg (206206 bytes)

     Herbie shots galore! The two on the left are courtesy of Charlie Grady of Bellevue, NE.  These were most likely from the late 70's or early 80's, not sure.  They are 3" tall, I now have the one on the left.  The next two are perfect compliments to them, but are the normal size glasse, 2-1/4" tall.

This is an interesting shot.  It features Herbie Husker (1973-1990's) and has two lines.  One is labeled "Men" and the other, just below it, "Women".  It stands 3" tall. (left)

Another interesting 2-1/4" version, with Herbie inside a double circle.  (right)

Block "N" with black "Huskers"

Block "N" with red "Huskers"

Square bottom with pewter logo

  Glass with pewter logo featuring Herbie Husker and the Helmet

Black glass with pewter logo featuring Herbie Husker and the Helmet

GShot_tall_Football.jpg (69478 bytes)

GShot2012logos.jpg (77245 bytes)

 2006 Football

2000 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

2012 Logos Shot

National Championship Shots

1970 NC Shot from 1971 1970-1971 back to back NC shot from 1972 Front view, look right for the back side! Back view, look left for the front!

GShot1994NC_laurel.jpg (32317 bytes)

GShot1994NC_Helmet.jpg (35109 bytes)

GShot1995NC_Helmet.jpg (33034 bytes)

1970-1971 National Champions commemorative shot

GShot1994-95Shot.jpg (28132 bytes) GShot1994-95HelmetShot.jpg (30881 bytes) GShot95-1.jpg (73340 bytes)

Back view, look left for the front!

GShot1995NC_black.jpg (21522 bytes) 1994-1995 Double Shot

GShot1997Corn.jpg (78966 bytes)

GShot1997NC_Helmet.jpg (33230 bytes) 1997 NC front view 1997 NC back view

GShot1997NC_Huskers.jpg (22481 bytes)

GShot1997NC_photo.jpg (29494 bytes) GShot1997NC_Helmet_curved.jpg (62052 bytes)

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