Coach Osborne's Milestone Victory Glasses
by Phillips 66
Autographed by Scott Frost, #7

Set of 6 glasses celebrating Coach Tom Osborne's milestone victories.  Scott Frost, starting quarterback of the '96 and '97 (NC) teams autographed my box.  Pictures below, including a rare prototype version, box details are as follows:

    1st Win  -  Sept. 9, 1973  -  NU vs. UCLA                    40-13 (Mark Harmon, UCLA QB) 
 50th Win  -  Oct. 7th, 1978  -  NU vs. Iowa State             23-0
100th Win  -  Sept. 24th, 1983  -  NU vs. UCLA                42-10 (Aikman, Gaston Green)
150th Win  -  Sept. 24, 1988  -   NU vs. Arizona State      47-16
200th Win  -  Oct. 7th, 1993  -  NU vs. Oklahoma State    27-13
250th Win  -  Nov. 1, 1997  -  NU vs. Oklahoma                69-7 

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GlassOsborneMilesPrototype.jpg (89406 bytes)

Prototype Glass

This glass is like the set of six Tom Osborne commemorative glasses above. It has a different 25th anniversary logo on the front. They made the 250th win glass first, then they made the others. This is the original logo that was drawn up for the glasses. Only 4 of these prototypes were ever made. They decided to go with the more traditional logo that we see on the set of six glasses, as well as the other 25th anniversary memorabilia for Coach Osborne. This was a prototype glass that was not sold and only four of them were ever made.

Photo and info courtesy of Chad Maun.