Glass Beer Mugs and Steins

updated 03/11/2018  

 Coffee Mugs moved to a separate page. I'll be working on this one for a while, so if you have any more examples, please email them to me. (38 listed)  Also check here for ceramic Mugs and Steins.

Glass71Stein.jpg (58948 bytes)

Glass71Stein2.jpg (64808 bytes)

Omaha World Herald
Saturday, January 2, 1971

     This glass stein is adorned with the headlines and articles of the Omaha World Herald following the 17-14 victory over LSU in the Orange Bowl.

     The stein is frosted white glass, with all print and images in red.  It is twin to a ceramic mug and matching umbrella!

Glass_71NCMug_running_harry1.jpg (73612 bytes) Glass_71NCMug_running_harry2.jpg (62612 bytes) 1971 National Champs Running Harry Mug


  This awesome mug features gold leaf band at the bottom and half band at the top, with the season schedule/results featured in the center.  On the front it says 1971 University of Nebraska Football Team. On the bottom in gold it says "Orange Bowl Game, Nebraska 38  Alabama 6"  On the back side in gold it says Undefeated Big Eight and Undefeated National Champions. Near the bottom in gold it says "Were Number One".  It is 5 1/2" high. Looks like a match to the Running Harry glass on the Commemorative Glasses page.

not mine

Gmug71PBR_NationalChamps1.jpg (151558 bytes) Gmug71PBR_NationalChamps2.jpg (135294 bytes) 1971 National Champs Pabst Blue Ribbon


    This is a very nice mug produced by Pabst.  I was told only 2 cases (48) of these were originally produced for a bar owner in Lincoln and used by his patrons.  It stands 5 inches tall.  The second thumb shows more detail on the Pabst logo from the back side of the mug.


thanks to Jim Ehlers for the photos!

Cornhuskers Nut Glasses

     The first is a glass stein that was put out in the early 1970's. It was originally a nut jar. On the front of the glass it has a red and white "N" and the words CORNHUSKERS."  The second probably came along about the same time with Herbie.

     This jar has a handle and looks like a glass stein. It is a nice item from the end of the Devaney era and the beginning of the Osborne era. This glass also is quite large as it stands 7 inches in height. 

Thanks to Bob Ihrig of Lincoln, NE for the info!

Glass70sPeanutMugs.jpg (156551 bytes) Cornhuskers Nut Glasses Continued

     Some more info from Jeff Ketcham from Papillion. The "mug o' nuts" mugs are identical except for the logos. He found his "N" mugs with the label shown on the table still attached to the back opposite the logo (it came off during cleaning).  The Herbie mugs did not have a label on the back, but he believes they are about the same age.  

Thanks for the info, Jeff!

Two Handled "Pulling for Nebraska" Mug

     This unique double-handled mug measures 5" tall, with "WE'RE PULLING FOR NEBRASKA" under the large "N".  It is either from the 60's or early 70's based on the lettering style used.  


Thanks to Dale Liss of Columbus, NE for the pic and info!

Not in my collection...


Early 70's Herbie Husker Mug

     This is an early 1970's mug that was put out shortly after Herbie Husker was adopted as the Official Mascot of the University of Nebraska. The front of the mug says NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS and has a picture of Herbie Husker. The back of the mug says GO CORN HUSKERS (two separate words). This is a thick glass mug with a sturdy handle. The mug stands 5 1/2 inches in height.

Thanks to Bob Ihrig of Lincoln, NE for the info and pics!

Glass_BigRedCountryStein.jpg (94104 bytes)

1970s Big Red Country

     Just like the one above, but says "BIG RED COUNTRY" on the front and "GO BIG RED" on the back.  May be newer as well, but still guessing some time in the 1970s.

Thanks to Chad Maun for the info and pics! 

Misty's 70-71 National Champions Stein


     Although hard to discern from this picture, this is another 70-71 National Championship commemorative from Misty's Lounge, Lincoln.  This is a match to the 70-71 "Jigger" that you can see on the commemorative glasses page.

Not mine...


GMugs1970-1971.jpg (73203 bytes)

Thanks to Dan Wagner for the photo!

70-71 National Champions Steins


     A series of three glass steins that was put out to honor and commemorate the 1970 and 1971 National Championship teams.  On the front of each stein is the Harry Husker circular logo that says UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - GO BIG RED. In white below the logo it says CORNHUSKERS. On the back of the steins are rows of red and white stars. In red they have "NATIONAL CHAMPIONS" and the individual years, while the third has 1970-1971 in white letters.  These mug stand 6-1/3 inches high.

Thanks to Bob Ihrig of Lincoln, NE for the info!

GTrainingMug1.jpg (100788 bytes)

GTrainingMug2.jpg (67211 bytes)

1970s Cornhusker Training Mug


     Very nice mug that appears to be around 8" tall and was probably first available in the mid to late 1970s judging from the style of lettering. Classic Herbie Husker on the back and GO BIG RED opposite the handle.


Thanks to Ryan Senkbile for the info and pics!

GTrainingMugB2.jpg (42863 bytes)

GTrainingMugB1.1.jpg (40041 bytes)

1970s Cornhusker Training Mug


     Another version of the Training Mug with red lettering instead of white with red shadow edging. Here is a view of the GO BIG RED logo opposite the handle.


Thanks to Brad Reidy for the info and pic!

Glass_Herbie_ShortBeer_Pitcher.jpg (125622 bytes)

1970s Nebraska "Short Beer" Mug

     Shaped like a pitcher with no spout, this 7" tall mug is anything but short! May have been put out in 1974 or shortly after to introduce Herbie, as it uses the same Herbie logo as these glasses.

Thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo.


1976 Sweep Left

     This glass mug/stein is from 1976 and is from Sweep Left (a popular watering hole that was located in Lincoln and was owned by former Nebraska football players). It has the restaurant emblem on the front (3 football players) with the name and address of the restaurant. The back has the 1976 and 1977 schedules and also reads "Nebraska National Champions 1970 - 1971" and "GO BIG RED". 

Thanks to Charlie Grady of Bellevue, NE for the pics!

G78ounuGmug.jpg (308849 bytes)

1978 World Herald Mug

     A classic game that produced Coach Osborne's first victory over Oklahoma.  This mug features headlines and columns from the Omaha World Herald the day following the game.  The celebration was to be short lived, however, due to a loss to Missouri the next game.  See the next entry below.



1979 Orange Bowl Mug

     Classic rematch game between NU and OU at the end of the 1978 season.  A late loss to Missouri in Lincoln opened the door for OU to accept a bid to play NU in a rematch.

OU won the Orange Bowl, 31-24.


G81_OWH_Mug.jpg (66833 bytes)

1981 Omaha World Herald Stein

     Nov 15, 1981 - OWH glass stein featuring Irving Fryar. Mark Mauer quarterbacked NU to a 31-7 win over Iowa State Nov 14th to guarantee a Big 8 Championship, with only OU left on the schedule.  The Huskers dealt with OU 37-14 Nov 21st, then went on to play (and lose to) Clemson in the 1982 Orange Bowl.  [click image for larger photo]

Nov 27, 1982 Lincoln Journal Star Mug

     Commemorates the 1982 victory over Oklahoma Nov 26, 1982.  Features a story and image from the 1982 Nebraska vs Oklahoma game which was won 28-24 by the Huskers in Lincoln.  The glass stands just over 5 1/2" tall and is 4 1/2" wide including the handle.


Glass82OWHmug.jpg (94616 bytes)

Nov 27, 1982 Omaha World Herald Mug

      Also commemorates the 1982 victory over Oklahoma Nov 26, 1982. Looks very similar to the LJS mug above in height and basic design, may be the same manufacturer. 

Thanks to Brian Beverland of Omaha for the pic and info! 

GlassHelmetMug.jpg (83533 bytes)

GlassHelmetMug2.jpg (81955 bytes) Etched Helmet Mug

     Nice classic helmet design with "GO BID RED" on one side, "CORNHUSKERS" at an angle on the back side. 

Thanks to Lonny Golka of Colorado for the photos! 


Go Big Red Helmet Mug 


     Classic logo design from the 1970's or 1980's, "Go Big Red Nebraska" in the shape of a helmet.  Heavy glass.


Measures 5-3/4" tall and 2-3/4" wide.

Herbie Husker Mug 


     Date unknown for this mug.  Should be from the '80s.


Measures 5-1/2" tall.



GMugHerbieColor.jpg (247439 bytes)

Herbie Husker Mug 


     Date unknown for this mug.  Very heavy bottom style mug with bright colors on Herbie.  Very nice!

thanks to Brad Reidy 


GMug1980sHerbieBigRedCountry.jpg (49010 bytes)

Herbie Husker Big Red Country Mug 


     Also most likely from the 1980s.  Stands 5-1/2" tall.

 thanks to Jeff Weise 

G90sNestingHuskerDollsMug.jpg (161745 bytes) 1990s Cornhuskers Nesting Doll Mug

      This one is not dated, but judging from the nesting doll themed lidded stein that is featured, this likely comes from the mid to late 1980s.  It is stamped CANADA on the bottom.  Features the #30 player nesting doll image on this lidded stein that DOES NOT appear to be Mike Rozier or Ahman Green.  Stands 5-1/2" tall.


GMug1994Big8_Champs1.jpg (127134 bytes) GMug1994Big8_Champs2.jpg (121184 bytes) 1994 Big 8 Conference Champions Mug

      Very hard to find mug, complete with the 1994 schedule and Big 8 Conference logo.  Commemorates the Conference championship prior to the bowl game and eventual National Championship.

thanks to Cory Johnson 

GMug1994NationalChampsHelmetLarge.jpg (91746 bytes)GMug1994NationalChampsHelmetLarge2.jpg (86444 bytes) 1994 National Champs Helmet Mug

      Large glass mug that features the familiar Helmet with Huskers logo on the front and the 1994 schedule with results on the back.  Stands 6-3/4" tall.

 thanks to Jeff Weise 

GMug1994NationalChampsHelmet.jpg (72589 bytes)GMug1994NationalChampsHelmet2.jpg (103627 bytes) 1994 National Champs Helmet Mug

     Very nice smaller glass mug that features the familiar Helmet with Huskers logo on the front and the 1994 schedule with results on the back.  Stands 5-3/4" tall.

 thanks to Jeff Weise 

G1994-95NC_MugLarge1.jpg (194216 bytes) G1994-95NC_MugLarge2.jpg (193186 bytes) 1994-95 National Champs Beer Mug

      One of a series of glass mugs, rocks glass, coffee mugs, ceramic beer mug, shot glass, etc. featuring the 1994-95 Back to Back Champions logo with the football background. Includes the 1995 season schedule and results on the back. Stands 6-3/4" tall, 3-3/4" wide.

 thanks to Cory Johnson

G1994-95NC_Mug1.jpg (171802 bytes) G1994-95NC_Mug2.jpg (192989 bytes) 1994-95 National Champs Beer Mug

      Same front and back panel logo/season schedule/results as the previous one. This one is a little smaller, as is stands 5-1/2" tall and 2-3/4" wide.

 thanks to Cory Johnson 

G1994-95NC_MisprintMug1.jpg (236056 bytes) G1994-95NC_MisprintMug2.jpg (241962 bytes) 1994-95 National Champs MISPRINT Mug

      Same 5-1/2" tall and 2-3/4" wide mug as the one immediately above.  The only difference is a misprint of the Oklahoma score.  NU beat OU 37-0 as shown on the previous mug, this one lists the score as 37-10. This one is probably pretty hard to find!

 thanks to Keith Peltz

G1994-95NC_MasonJarMug1.jpg (205408 bytes) G1994-95NC_MasonJarMug2.jpg (197932 bytes) 1994-95 National Champs Mason Jar Mug

      Mason Jar style glass mug with the same front and back as the two previous mugs.   Stands 5-3/4" tall.

 thanks to Cory Johnson

G1995NC_Mug1.jpg (196397 bytes) G1995NC_Mug2.jpg (177418 bytes) 1995 National Champs Mug

      1995 National Champions oversized glass stein with the season schedule on back. Measures 8 inches high.


thanks to Chase Roesler for the pic and info

GMug1997NationalChamps1.jpg (119041 bytes)GMug1997NationalChamps2.jpg (108162 bytes) 1997 National Champs Football Mug

      Same mug as the two 1994 National Champ mugs with the 1997 schedule with results on the back.   Stands 5-3/4" tall.

Glass_1998_PBR_parody_mug.jpg (218394 bytes) 1998 PBR Parody NC Mug

     Probably issued in 1998.  No date or event associated with this mug that I am aware of, other than the bottom line on the label refers to the 1970, 1971, 1994, 1995, and 1997 National Champions.

thanks to Brad Reidy for the pic and info!


Cornhuskers Glass and Pewter Mug

     Probably issued in the mid to late 90's.  No date or event associated with this mug that I am aware of.



GMug2011B1G1.jpg (116201 bytes)GMug2011B1G2.jpg (118766 bytes) Nebraska B1G Opening Tour 2011 Mug

     Very large 7" tall mug commemorating Nebraska's innaugural season in the Big Ten Conference.

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