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updated 09/05/2016 (37 glasses)
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Unless otherwise noted, the glasses listed below are in my collection.

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50's Nebraska Glass

     Not sure of the exact year, but some time in the 1950's or so.  Though not necessarily a Husker Football glass, the back features the music and lyrics to "No Place Like Nebraska" that we all know and love.  The front features the State of Nebraska with Chimney Rock, Homestead National Park, and the Capital and Goldenrod in the upper corner.  It is 5-1/4" tall.



Glass50sCornhusker.jpg (22226 bytes)

50's Cornhusker State


     Another nice glass from the 1950s that isn't directly tied to the football team, but rather the Cornhusker theme. Great item from the Bill Jennings era at Nebraska and prior to the arrival of Bob Devaney. Not many items came out in the 1950's - so any item from this time period is a great item to find and collect.  It stands just a little over 5" in height. 

     Photo and info courtesy of Bob Ihrig 


G50s60sHuskerManMascot.jpg (88649 bytes)

1960's Husker Man Mascot

     This one is a bit of a challenge, as it features the mascot used from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s and does appear to be an older glass of that vintage.  About 6" tall.

     Photo and info courtesy of Cory Johnson      


60's Cheerleader

     Not sure of the exact year, but this one comes from the late 60's, featuring a cheerleader in a '65-'69 era sweater on the front.    You can only barely see it in the scan, but the cheerleader is standing in front of an old style goal post, with two legs as opposed to the modern single leg post.  The gridiron yard lines trail off to the right rear from the goal post as well.  It is 5-1/2" tall.



60's Corn Glass

     This one is from the mid-1960s when the administration wanted to change "NU" to "UN" but fans preferred items with "NU" on them, so not many of these were made.  This is the same corn cob design used on the 1967 Sugar Bowl pennant and a few other items from that year.  If anyone has any definite information, please let me know.  I now have one.  5-1/2" tall.

Photo and info courtesy of Bob Ihrig, Parker, CO 

60's Corn Glass

     Another variation on the Corn Glass theme.  Not sure of the timeframe for this version, but it does appear to be another 60's or early 70's design similar to the one above.

Photo courtesy of Lamont Lyon, DC area. 

Not mine.


GlassSmoked_HarryHusker.jpg (31424 bytes)

GlassSmoked_HarryHusker2.jpg (11707 bytes)

Smoked Highball Glasses


   A couple of views of a 3" tall smoked highball glass from the 1960s or very early 1970s. I have seen later versions with Herbie Husker, but do not have a good enough photo to post.  If you have one, please send it for inclusion here.

Thanks to Chad Maun for the photos.

Football Glasses

    These glasses are 5" tall and identical in their basic design, probably made by the same company.  The first three are now in my collection.  Please email me if you have any additional information on them. See a couple of newer versions below.  Scans 1 & 3  from Charlie Grady of Bellevue, photos 4 & 5 from Chad Maun of Omaha

G70sFootballglass2.jpg (66921 bytes) G70sFootballglass3.jpg (58779 bytes)

       I believe the one at far left comes from the 1960's, but I'm not sure.  I am assuming that it is rare, but does not have any particular date, event or marking that would make it valuable other than that it may be scarce. 

     The second glass is identical in design with a different logo (close-up for detail), but would have to be from the late 70's or 80's with Herbie present.  The third is from a now-closed restaurant called "The Prospector" that was a popular watering hole owned by former Husker football players.  It has the restaurant's logo on the front and "GO BIG RED" in black print. The last two bear designs common to 1970s era memorabilia.  A few more appear further down...

Harry Husker Rocks Glass (mid '60s)
    This 4" rocks glass is not dated, but Harry Husker was the official mascot until Herbie took over in 1974.  It is also a good bet that this piece pre-dates the '70 National Championship season, as it doesn't contain anything to commemorate it or any other championship. Harry was first drawn as a caricature by the art director of the Nebraska Farmer Magazine in 1964 and adopted as the official mascot in 1965.  This glass most likely came out in 1965 or 1966.  I now own one!  There are actually three versions. The 1st you see here with a white backgroud around Harry and a clear banner on the back. The 2nd has a white background on the banner and Harry - click the photo at far left to see #2.  

Photos and info courtesy of Bob Ihrig and Chad Maun 

GHarryHuskerGlassClear1.jpg (154655 bytes)

GHarryHuskerGlassClear1a.jpg (148714 bytes)

Harry Husker Rocks Glass (mid '60s)
     This is the 3rd version of the Harry rocks glass, front and back.  Both Harry and the banner have clear backgrounds.


Photos and info courtesy of Cory Johnson 

Glass70sHuskers.jpg (80933 bytes) Glass70sHuskers2.jpg (54440 bytes)

70's Nebraska Cornhuskers Jelly Glass

     This juice glass was a "bonus" some time in the early 1970s.  Nice artwork featuring Cornhusker football players, the Hemet, and ear of corn reminiscent of the 1960s.  

Stands 4" tall.

Thanks to Chad Maun for the pic and info!

Glass1970sWeitzen.jpg (67508 bytes)
70's Weitzen (Wheat Beer) Glass

     Guessing that this is from the 1970s due to the helmet-shaped "GO BIG RED NEBRASKA" logo etched in.  This is a classic weitzen, or wheat beer glass.  Weitzen is a popular type of beer in Germany, which is served in this type of glass.  This type has curved sides, as opposed to a straight sloped side of a pilsner glass.  

Thanks to Chad Maun for the pic!

70's Herbie Husker Jigger

     Not sure of the exact year, but this piece was probably sold to help promote Herbie Husker as the new mascot in the mid 70's.  Herbie became the official mascot in 1974 after Herbie's first appearance at the 1974 Cotton Bowl game at the end of the 1973 season.

Not mine, thanks to Charlie Grady of Bellevue, NE for the scan.

GlassHerbieGlass70s.jpg (20985 bytes)
70's Herbie Husker Glass

     Not sure of the exact year on this one either, but this glass w was probably sold about the same time that the above glass was to help promote Herbie Husker as the new mascot in the mid 70's.  

Not mine.

70's Herbie Husker Glass

     Another variation of the new Herbie mascot logo on yet another glass.  This one stands 6" tall.

Thanks to Dave Brown for the photo and info.

Herbie Husker Juice Glass

    This glass likely dates anywhere from the mid 70's to mid 80's.  Not sure of dimensions, but looks to be a juice glass or small collins glass. 

Not mine.

70's Helmet Jigger

     I am guessing that this one is from the 1970's or early 80's.  It measures 4-1/2" high by 3-1/2" at the opening. Neat, with a different "N" and helmet style than most others.  The glass on this one is a bit thinner than most others that I've come across, that is why I think it may be very early 70's.   


G70sFootballCountryJiggers1.jpg (139723 bytes)

70's/80's Football Country USA Jiggers

     These jiggers could be from the late 1970s or early 1980s.  They were sold in a six pack as shown below. Click for larger photo.

  Photos and info courtesy of Chad Maun.

G70sFootballCountryJiggers2.jpg (129679 bytes) 

70's/80's Helmet Rocks Glass

     Not sure if this is from the late 70's or early 80's.  It measures approximately 4" high by 3" across, with the University of Nebraska seal on the back side.  4" tall.



80's Herbie Rocks Glass

     I'm thinking early '80s for this glass.  It measures 4" high, 3" across.  Looks like the University of Nebraska seal on the back side.

   Not in my collection.


Glass80sParentsDayStadium.jpg (188499 bytes)Glass80sParentsDayStadium1.jpg (104836 bytes)

80's Parents Day Rocks Glass

     A neat rocks glass from the Alumni Club for a Parents' Day sometime in the 1980s.  Features a see-through stadium on one side with the field appearing on the opposite interior as you look through.  Very unique!

   Not in my collection. Thanks to Chad Maun.


Helmet Logo Glass

.   I'm making a SWAG at this one, but this style appears to be from the early 1970's based solely on the simple face mask design.  Very similar in design to the 1960's Corn Glass, just replaced the NU with ear of corn with the helmet.  The absolute earliest that it could have been designed would have been 1970 when the block "N" was first introduced.  That may even explain the style used, which is not the simple block "N".  6-1/2" tall.

Photo obtained from Lee Atherton, Bixby, OK  


Herbie Husker Rocks Glass (mid '70s)

.   This 4" rocks glass is not dated, but Herbie Husker was the official mascot from 1974 on, replacing Harry.  I'm guessing that the University put this glass out in 1974 right after Herbie took the reigns as the official mascot.  The style may very well have been used for many years afterward as well, as there is no date on this glass.  4" tall.

Thanks to Kim Ehresman, Lee's Summit, MO for selling to me.

Herbie Husker Rocks Glass ('80s?)

.   This 4" rocks glass is not dated, but I'm guessing it to be from the early 80s from the helmet design.  The Huskers switched to a red face mast for the first time in the "82 Orange Bowl, so this had to come out after that.  

Not mine...

Coca-Cola Nebraska Cornhuskers Glass

     This is a great specimen from the Coca-Cola company.  I  can't tell if it has a date on it or not.  It could either be a recent release using retro styling.  If not, it looks as though it comes from the early 1970's by the looks of the style of the block UN and the "NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS" label.

Not mine...


Big 8 Glass

    Great collectible featuring helmets from all of the Big 8 schools.  No date on this one, but must have been released some time during either the '72 or '73 seasons.  My only clues are the designs of the CU (69-79) and KSU (72-73) helmets, compared against those shown on the Helmet Project web site.  If anyone out there has any info or an extra, please contact me.

Not mine...

Big 8 Glass

    Another nice Big 8 Conference glass from 1991.  It comes from the May 1991 Conference Spring Meeting held in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Each school mascot is accompanied by signatures from the school's Athletic Director and three coaches.  From NU, Bob Devaney (AD), Tom Osborne (Football), Danny Nee (Basketball), and James O'Hanlon (Institutional Rep. to the NCAA).


Football Glasses

    These are of similar design to the 5" football glasses above, but are nearly 7" high and 3-1/2" across.  The first became available in 2002, the second some time after that.  The glasses are made by Libby Glass of Shreveport, LA then specialized by the Hunter company. The third is from a 2003 Big Red Dinner of the Knights of Columbus, Fort Calhoun Chapter purchased from the collection of Chad Maun.

Glass2003KnightsOfColumbus1.jpg (87547 bytes)   Glass2003KnightsOfColumbus2.jpg (82922 bytes)

Huskers Pilsner Glass

    A classic design featuring a glass football above the base as shown.  I believe the glasses are made by the Libby Glass company of Shreveport, LA.

Glass_2016_ThereIsNoPlace1.jpg (157738 bytes)

Glass_2016_ThereIsNoPlace2.jpg (207574 bytes)

"There is no place like Nebraska"

    Very simple, yet attractive glass featuring the school song, "There Is No Place Like Nebraska" on the reverse.  5-3/4" tall.

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