SAM's 1976 Season Glasses

updated 12/8/01
This SAM'S Collector Series glass set was issued for the 1976 season, with this glass commemorating the '75 Husker season record of 10-2.  The set contains 13 glasses.  The other 12 cover the 11 games of the season plus the 1975 Fiesta Bowl.  The back lists the games and their scores.  The scan is grainy, so I've listed them below.

One typo on the back, though - we lost to Arizona State, not Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl.  The 1975 Season coasters below have the correct opponent listed!

Details from the back
Nebraska 1975 Record
Nebraska  10 LSU 7
Nebraska 45 Indiana 0
Nebraska 56 TCU 14
Nebraska 31 Miami 16
Nebraska 16 Kansas 0
Nebraska 28 Oklahoma State  20
Nebraska 63 Colorado 21
Nebraska 30 Missouri 7
Nebraska 12 Kansas State 0
Nebraska 52 Iowa State 0
Nebraska 10 Oklahoma 35
Nebraska 14 Arizona 17
(Dec 26th, Fiesta Bowl)

Interestingly, the NU schedules for '75 and '76 were identical except for one thing - NU added Hawaii to the schedule for '76.  SAM'S produced the set in 1976 (after the Fiesta Bowl game against ASU) prior to the season. Texas Tech, who we defeated in the 1976 Astro-Bluebonnet bowl at season's end, does not appear in the set.  The only problem, as mentioned above, is the mention of "Arizona" instead of "Arizona State" as the actual Fiesta Bowl opponent.  The glasses were made by Anchor Hocking for SAMSwiches, a fast food sandwich chain.  

Individual Game Glasses...

Certificate of Authenticity

Thanks to Bob Ihrig of Lincoln for a majority of the team glass photos!


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