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updated 07/08/14

FB_BigRedCan60s.jpg (164488 bytes)

    1960s Big Red.  Not sure of exact date, but most likely from the early to mid 1960s due to the heavier straight top can with the pull tab opening. 


     Although normally associated the Nebraska and the "Big Red" the side of the can actually states that Big Red, Inc. was based at the time in Waco, TX.  


A Big Red thanks to Dougherty's Dugout at the Offutt AFB Exchange for use of the photo!

FB_HuskersChoiceSoda.jpg (204341 bytes)

    1970s Husker's Choice.  Not sure of exact date, probably mid 1970s due to the pull tab opening and the lighter aluminum can. Pull tabs gave way to the stay on tabs in the mid to late 1970s.

FB_HuskersChoiceSodaTop.jpg (99313 bytes)

19897-UpCan1.jpg (42573 bytes)

19897-UpCan2.jpg (72909 bytes)

    1989 7-Up can saluting 100 years of Nebraska Cornhuskers Football.  Complete with schedule at the bottom of the can.


thanks to Dan Wagner for the photos...

update to the left photo from Cory Johnson...

    1989 Diet 7-Up twin to the one above.

FB_7-UPSoda1994.jpg (52628 bytes)

    Husker Fever with Herbie on the back of a 1994 7-Up can with season schedule.  


thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo...

FB_BigRedSoda.jpg (49158 bytes)

    Everyone's favorite, Big Red Soda!  Familiar "Husker Fever" logo with Herbie Husker with the 1995 season schedule.  



thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo...

1997 Tom Osborne 25th Anniversary Season Coke cans

    Coke placed the 25th Anniversary Season logo on their cans in 1997 to commemorate Coach Osborne's 25 years as head coach of the Cornhuskers.  Little did we all know at the time that it would be his last season, and third National Championship in four seasons!  This 6-pack is in my collection. 

2000 Visitors' Field Advantage, 1971 Reception of the Century  1986 So. Carolina fans give NU fans standing ovation, 2002 Pasadena, Nebraska?  Hod Everything - 3rd Largest City, 1976 Air Nebraska  1980 Good Game Everybody, 1930s Huskers Beat Great Depression

2003 Husker Legends Can Set - Greatest Fans 

FB_2002_8Linebackers_HuskerLegends1.jpg (93853 bytes)    FB_2002_8Linebackers_HuskerLegends2.jpg (99146 bytes)

2002 Husker Legends Can Set - Linebackers 

1971 Orange, 1984 Orange, 1982 Orange, 1972 Orange Bowls    1995 Orange, 1996 Fiesta, 1998 Orange, 1994 Orange Bowls

2001 Husker Legends Can Set - 8 National Championship Games

Calvin Jones, Jeff Kinney, Bobby Reynolds, Ahman Green    Mike Rozier, Tom Rathman, Sam Francis, Fank Solich

2000 Husker Legends Can Set - Running Backs

    Brook Berringer, Dave Humm, Steve Taylor, Scott Frost    Turner Gill, Vince Ferragamo, Jerry Tagge, Tommy Frazier

1999 Husker Legends Can Set - Quarterbacks

    Pepsi Cola "Husker Legends" series can featuring #35, Jeff Kinney.  I'll add more of these as I can get good images of them.

    Mountain Dew "Husker Legends" series can featuring #87, Bob Martin.  


thanks to Chad Maun for the photo...


    And a set of Big Red koozies to keep your pop cold! I'm guessing this set to be from the 1980s.


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