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Plastic Steins and Mugs
updated 09/03/2017

     I'm not sure who made these or exactly what years.  The first appears to have been made somewhere between 1965 and 1969.  Harry became the official mascot in 1965.   The second was made for the 1972 Orange Bowl, note the opposing NU and Alabama helmets on the sides.  The third version (white) features Herbie, so was made after 1973 when he became the official mascot after Coach Tom Osborne took the helm.  Click the third for a larger view, with a second view next to it.

     These beverage mugs come apart for cleaning.  The base is a tee which comes off when you twist it 1/4 turn.  Inside the mug is a clear plastic liner which you can either pour your beverage into, or place a 12 oz. can directly inside the liner.

     Thanks to Bob Ihrig  for the Harry scan, and Dave of Omaha for the '72 Orange Bowl photo.  The Herbie stein is part of my collection

     Update!  Received a photo of a 4th version from Cory Johnson of Omaha. Click the thumb to the right to enlarge. 

FD_GoBigRedStein.jpg (31465 bytes)

FB_70NC_Stein.jpg (87930 bytes)

1970 Old Husker Man Plastic Stein

Brian Beverland submitted this photo of a very nice plastic mug or stein commemorating the 1970 National Championship. It is interesting since it goes back in time a little, showing a previous caricature of Husker Man from the 1950s.

FB_70sNC_Stein.jpg (180342 bytes)

1970s Old Husker Man Plastic Stein

Another version of the previous stein without the date on it.  There is at least one more version that I now of that has "GO BIG RED" on it in place of the Husker Man image on these two.

These steins stand 5-1/2" tall, just under 3" in diameter.  They were made by Continental Plastics of Oklahoma.

FB_Mug_1984_OrangeBowl.jpg (43760 bytes)

1984 Orange Bowl Plastic Mub


     Very nice mug made of sturdy translucent plastic commemorating Nebraska's appearance in the 1984 Orange Bowl.  Tough 31-30 loss to the University of Miami that defined the character of Nebraska Football and Head Coach Tom Osborne.


Thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo.

CerLiddedFootballStein.jpg (82959 bytes)

CerLiddedFootballSteinb.jpg (75242 bytes)

1970s or 1980s Lidded Football Stein


     Not sure of the exact timeframe that this gem was first put out, but it is a really nice hard plastic lidded stein similar in design to a few of the plastic steins from the 1970s and early 1980s.  It stands about  8" tall.  


Thanks to Chad Maun for the photos.

FB_90sLiddedStein_SweepLeft1.jpg (171125 bytes) FB_90sLiddedStein_SweepLeft2.jpg (166278 bytes)

1990s Lidded Stein

     Another version from the Lincoln bar Sweep Left.  Same design and specifications as the Herbie version below.  I am estimating the timeframe based on the following example, no markings are available to determine a year.

FB_94NCLiddedFootballStein.jpg (74986 bytes) FB_94NCLiddedFootballSteinb.jpg (69385 bytes)

1994 National Champs Lidded Stein

     Another one from Sweep Left commemorating the 1994 National Championship with the win over Miami in the 1995 Orange Bowl.

Thanks to Chad Maun for the photos.

FB_80sLiddedStein_Red1.jpg (121996 bytes) FB_80sLiddedStein_Red2.jpg (90616 bytes)

1990s Lidded Stein

     "A Toast To Big Red" featuring Herbie Husker. It stands 7" tall with a 3-1/2" diameter base, made of very thick, durable plastic .  I am estimating the timeframe based on the Herbie Husker mascot logo and the use of the National Championship in the white version below.  No markings are available to specifically determine a year.

FB_9495NCLiddedFootballStein.jpg (120943 bytes)

94-95 National Champs Lidded Stein

     Another lidded stein featuring Herbie Husker to commemorate Nebraska's Back to Back National Championships in 1994 and 1995.  This one is a white variation of the Herbie "A Toast to Big Red" example above.

Thanks to Brad Reidy for the photo.

1989 Muga-phone!

     This is a unique megaphone that is actually a mug. It has a picture of Herbie and it is a mug as you take the lid off but you can also take the bottom off and it turns into a megaphone. This one is signed by players of the 1989 Cornhusker football team. Also listed with the Megaphones.

Thanks to Arnold Remington for the photo and info!