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updated 07/05/2016

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1956 Johnny Husker Milk Bottles

Johnny Husker adornes these three glass milk bottles from 1956, the only year that Johnny Husker was used as the official mascot. There were 3 sizes; 8,16 and 32 oz.  Quite the rare find!

Thanks to Jim Ehlers for the info and pics!

1971 Alamito Vitamin D Milk

Half gallon carton commemorating the 1971 National Championship.  Features caricatures of #14 Jerry Tagge (twice), #85 Jerry List, #43 Rich Sanger, and a small black and white of #35 Jeff Kinney on the top behind the pull tab to open it. Great, hard to find item!

Thanks to Bob Ihrig for the info and pics!

Big Red Farms Eggs

Nice collectible egg carton from Big Red Farms.  Not known where this farm is located exactly, but we at least have a clue as to the State!

Thanks to Dan Wagner for the pic!