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updated 01/02/2016

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1960/70s BIG RED Bottle Opener

    This is a small cast metal bottle opener made by Loyal Products of NYC.  I'm estimating it to be from the late 1960s or very early 1970s.  It stands 3-1/2" tall and proclaims "BIG RED" at the front of its base.  


1999 Big XII 
Conference Championship Game

This is and 8 oz. Dr. Pepper

     The bottle does not give any details of the game (teams, score, etc.) so must have either been printed and issued prior to the game, or simply kept generic to appeal to both fans of both teams as collectors items.  I only have the single pictured for now.


1997 Coke National Champions

     Note the script "Nebraska Cornhuskers" on the neck above the '97 National Champions logo.  This is an 8 oz. bottle.

I do have pair of these, so I guess I'm four short of a six-pack!


1997 Big XII 
Conference Championship Game

This is and 8 oz. Dr. Pepper
I have a full 6-pack of this one!

     Virtually the same as the 1999 version pictured above, with the exception of having a cream or white Alamodome logo, and smaller Dr. Pepper football.  The photos are of two separate bottles, hence the difference in volume!

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1996 Big XII Conference 

     Dr. Pepper put out these commemorative bottles announcing the inaugural season of the Big XII Conference. Colors on the neck represented the colors of each of the 12 teams.  Shown are those for Baylor and Texas, looking for a Nebraska example.

95/96 National Champions Coke Error

     The intentions were good, but the dates were wrong.  These are getting more scarce as people are realizing what they have.

1994 Coke National Champions

     This are 8 oz. bottles. This one has a pretty cool red logo.  It is hard to read in the picture, but the bottom line reads "PERFECT 12-0 SEASON".  The front side is a standard Coke design. 

Enlarge below for the 6 pack from Cory Johnson.

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1912-1975 NU/OU Series Bottle

     The white band at the bottom lists the scores for the entire NU vs. OU series.  The scores start with 1975 in the first column, working back to 1912 in the last column.  The lettering above the Dr. Pepper logo states "Commemorative Bottle."  This is a 16 oz. bottle.

1970/71 National Champs Commemorative Bottle - Pepsi

     The front sports the common Harry Husker figure in the center of a "GO BIG RED Nebraska Cornhuskers" ring.  Just above it in white script lettering, "Commemorative Bottle".  The common Back-to-Back logo sitting atop the Huskers' bowl record from 1969 through 1974 adorns the back.  

The bottom of the front proudly states:
"2 National Championships"
"5 Straight Bowl Victories"

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Husker Beverage
Reynolds and Cardwell

    I'm not sure of the date, but these Big Red Soda bottles commemorate three of Nebraska's greatest players:  Lloyd Cardwell (#24), Bobby Reynolds (#12), and Jerry Tagge (#14).  

The bottles proudly proclaim "Champion in Flavor"

Commemorative Coffee Mug listed here


Husker Beverage
Reynolds and Cardwell

    I'm not sure of the exact date on these, either, but they are very recent.  Maybe 2000 or even 2001.  The bottles differ from the original 1950's versions mainly in the fact that they have an actual paper label, not one printed directly on the bottle.  The labels are not the same size, as you can see from the photo.  The player is wearing #12 in both.  Cream Soda and Cola flavors, more to come as I find them.  Thanks to "Dutch" Murray for the contribution to Husker J!

Husker Beverage
Big Red Punch!

    These were 28 oz. bottles filled with "Big Red Punch" for those "Big Red Thirsts."  Another great product out of Seward, NE.


1960's BIG RED Soda


    May not be a true Husker item, but Big Red Soda is always a Husker Fan favorite.  This is a 10 oz bottle form the 1960's or so, stands 10-1/2 inches high.


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1970's BIG RED Soda


    I believe this one comes from the 1970s, maybe early 1980s.


thanks to Cory Johnson...

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