Die Casts
Tom Osborne Commemorative Car

updated 09/24/2013

This is a very rare collectible 1/24 scale car commemorating Coach Tom Osborne's 25 years as Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  This replica is completely die-cast, from the body to the interior, all highly detailed in cast metal.  The silver metal flake body features the #25 on both sides and the familiar profile of "Dr. Tom" and "25th Anniversary" logo on the hood and trunk lid.  Limited edition of 500 made.
Die-Cast exclusively by MDC/USA


UPDATE!!! Barry Harris passes on that there are less than two hundred of the silver cars. Something happened to the company who was making them and somebody else finished the five hundred in red and some in white. The silver cars are much heavier and pretty expensive if you can find them. Thank for the info and pics, Barry!

Barry Harris sends the following two photos of his Coach Osborne 25th Season Monte Carlo.  No further information on the Monte Carlo below, please drop us a line if you know more about it.

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