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New for 2012 

Kenworth W900L with 20' double trailers in 1/64 scale by Die Cast Promotions.  This year's offering is a nice change of pace that recognizes the team and players for their accomplishments and deeds off the field as well as on.  Go to Jeff's Collectibles for more details on this edition and ordering incentives.               


Nebraska Cornhuskers 32503 IH Lonestar "Moving On To 2011" in 1/64 scale. The cab is an IH Lonestar with a 53' spread-axle trailer with an opening hood trailer and opening rear doors.  The rear doors will be chrome with the Blackshirt logo. The side of the trailer has a night shot of the stadium and three present and past coaches.  The under carriage will be red and the rest black, as well as the cab with a red strip.  It is made by DCP through SpecCast.  Delivery is set for July/August 2011. If preordered before July 1, you will receive a mirrored display case to display it on.  Limited edition of 252 pieces will be produced, more if demand requires.  Go to Jeff's Collectibles to search for Husker items.               ****Click here for actual photo****


Nebraska Cornhuskers 1954 Chevrolet Sedan in 1/24 scale with opening hood, opening side and rear doors. This unit will be numbered like in the past, 1 to 252.  The blower says "GO BO" on each side of the blower.  Go to Jeff's Collectibles and search for Husker items.   This item is sold out!!


Nebraska Cornhuskers Harley Davidson 1/12 scale Motorcycle by Die-Cast Promotions, 2009.  All lids open and close, kickstand folds, brake levers operate, and transmission shift pedals move.  Great classic Harley die-cast in true Husker colors.  If the link in the photo does not work, go to Jeff's Collectibles and search for Husker items.

This item is sold out!!


1/24 scale 1967 Pontiac GTO with opening doors, hood and truck with lots of detail. This is #2 in a three part series, limited to 500 or less.  This item is sold out!!

1969 Camaro SS 396 Convert Husker #3.  Also 500 or less in this series.  Jeff received many requests to do this one in a convertible version.   This item is sold out!!

Nebraska Huskers 1/64 Tractor Trailer.  The Nebraska Semi shown is the make over of the previous semi editions. They had it repainted with the present logos and the tractor was redone as well.  This item is sold out!!

2004 Items

1/24th scale '35 Ford Panel Delivery Truck, '37 Studebaker, '34 Ford Tow Truck,

'67 Pontiac GTO, and '70 Chevy Chevelle!

1935 Ford Panel Delivery Truck Pullback.  All diecast with opening doors, pull it back and watch it go! STILL AVAIL!

Sold Out!  1937 Studebaker Pickup. The image below is a thumbnail to the larger spec sheet with more details. 

1934 Ford Tow Truck.    1967 Pontiac GTO.    


1970 Chevy Chevelle SS. Hard to see the detail on the spec sheets, but guaranteed quality and precision on every piece designed and sold by Jeff. 

Be sure to see his other items from Crown Premium, Corgy, Liberty Classics, and a great selection of Fire Engines!  

2003 Items - sold out!!!

1950 Ford Conversion Street Rod with removable top. Arrival expected in late August, 350 pieces.  Another sharp design by Jeff Mumby!  Visit his web site for information on other collectibles

New for 2003 Nebraska Ford T-Bucket 1/24 only 504 produced. Delivery date is late June 2003.  Order yours soon or you loose out!  #8 in the series.  Check his web site for new items for 2004!

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