Die Casts
Ertl Banks and Other Vehicles
updated 09/24/2013
1st Edition

1917 Ford Model T Huskers Bank
1 of 2,500, 1999

1/25th scale, measures approximately 6" long x 3-1/4" high

You can also find these for Texas A&M, Tennessee, Alabama(?) and many others.

2nd Edition

1918 Ford Model "T" Runabout

1/25th scale, measures 5-1/2" long x 3-1/4" high in a limited edition of 1500, 1998.

Thanks to Steve Munderloh!

1913 Ford Model T Delivery Truck Bank - 1983

The University of Nebraska commissioned this truck in 1988.  It is stock number 1330, and was produced in a limited edition of 5200.

Thanks to Jeff Mumby of Jeff's Toys for the information.

ToyCarErtlHotrod.jpg (91417 bytes) Herbie Hotrod

Very detailed '32 Ford Roadster with Herbie Husker in the drivers seat waving with a big red cowboy hat on his head dressed in blue overalls with red "N" on the front and an ear of corn in the front pocket.   Working doors, steering wheel, and detailed engine.  Die cast metal, 1:18 scale, 8" long.
Limited edition of 2,500

Thanks to Gary Timm for the photo

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