Old Mister Boston, NU #1 Gold 

1970 (or '72!)


There are a very few of these which were hand painted at the end of the production run, examples shown below, to include one for Jeff Kinney and Jerry Tagge

Royal Halliburton China.  This Decanter was originally made for Notre Dame (being gold) and was later used for Nebraska, Wisconsin, Green Bay Packers, & Baltimore Colts.  If you look closely, you'll see that the "NEBRASKA" on this side, as well as the "No. 1" on the other side and "FOOTBALL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD 1970-1971" on the back were stickers.  Therefore, the decanter was made in 1970 but not released in this version until 1972 after the Orange Bowl!  


Thanks to Dan Wagner and Barry Harris for the above scans and info!

WD70OmbPainted_Kinney.jpg (123550 bytes)

This is a very scarce Jeff Kinney version of the OMB painted decanter. These were released only in his hometown and were painted over with the number 35 instead of the number 87. This is very rare, as there were only a couple of handfuls done this way. 

Photo and info courtesy of Chad Maun.

WD70OmbPainted_Tagge.jpg (105667 bytes)

Another version featuring Jerry Tagge. Most likely another very rare one.  Not yet confirmed if this is a personal customization, or one of a small series officially released like the Jeff Kinney version.

Photo and info courtesy of Cory Johnson.

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