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updated 10/11/2015

     This page features coin purses, or coin/change holders if you prefer, that commemorate seasons or events in the history of the Big Red.  I'm starting off with just a few, but will add more as I gain more photos.  If you have one not pictured, please email me.  Also a few coin/money bags and checkbook covers at the bottom of the page.

This coin purse is a bit of a mystery in that the back lists the 1970 schedule without scores, yet the front proclaims "Orange Bowl 1971" and "Big 8 Champs" proudly. I have this one on my shelf, but am still wondering if it was originally issued with just the schedule on the back, then the front lettering was added at the end of the season. 

1970 National Champs

This 1970 National Champs purse did not have anything printed on the front side.  May have been a case of this particular one being printed on the wrong side as normally this sort of image would appear on the front (split side) with a schedule or results on the back, but I could be mistaken. If anyone out there has more info, please share...

1972 Season Schedule

1972 Season Schedule Back

1975 Season Schedule

1978 Season Schedule

1979 Season Schedule

1980s (?) Season Schedule

1981 Season Schedule Back

1981 Season Schedule Back

1982-83 Season Schedule

1983 Season Schedule

1984 Season Schedule

1985 Season Schedule

1986 Season Schedule

1987 Season Schedule

1988 Season Schedule

1989 Season Schedule

1990 Season Schedule

1991 Season Schedule

1992 Season Schedule

1993 Season Schedule

1995 Season Schedule

2001 Season Schedule

1970-1971 National Champs Coin Bag

1970-1971 National Champs Coin Bag

Coin_Checkbook1974-77front.jpg (94679 bytes)

1974-1977 Schedule Checkbook Cover

Coin_Checkbook1974-77back.jpg (107340 bytes)

1974-1977 Schedule Checkbook Cover

Coin_Checkbook1979-81front.jpg (52553 bytes)

1979-1981 Schedule Checkbook Cover

Coin_Checkbook1979-81back.jpg (71997 bytes)

1979-1981 Schedule Checkbook Cover

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