Cookie Jars and Kitchenware
updated 10/11/2015

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1970s Beverage Crock 


    Nebraska used the overlapping "NU" from 1967 through 1969, and some items reversed the letters for an overlapping "UN" at times.  It is likely from the very early 1970s, with the clue being the helmet design inset into the handles, shown below. Nebraska moved to the single "N" in 1970 in order to not look similiar to Oklahoma's "OU" on the helmet. Features double gold striping around the barrel just above the handles with a smaller "UN NEBRASKA" logo on the back side.

not in my collection, thanks to Cory Johnson for the photos!

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Herbie Husker Cookie Jar


    I'm guessing this one to be early 70's before the true Herbie image became standardized among the various companies that produced Herbie items.  Please contact me if you have more information on this one.

not in my collection, thanks to Barry Harris for the photo!


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