Ceramic National Champs Football

Night Light Lamps

updated 12/24/2013

CerFootballLamp_1994NC.jpg (155582 bytes)

1994 Red and White

     It is thought that a small company (or an individual) in Omaha may have made these in the mid to late 1990s. There are a few different versions out there, from the red and white ball that you see to the left, all red like the one below, or leather brown.  Different versions also have different years on them to commemorate one or multiple National Championships.  They measure just over 10" long. They have a hole in the bottom that allows a night light socket to snap in through the ceramic base.

If you have more information or photos, please share them.

CerFootballLamp_94-95-97NCbrown.jpg (115277 bytes)

CerFootballLamp_94-95-97NC.jpg (161159 bytes)

Brown with Red to the left, Red with White above. Basically the same other than the color scheme.

CerFootballLamp_GoBigRedWhite.jpg (114280 bytes)

A little smaller example. This one is about 8" long and on a smaller round base. Otherwise the same basic design and lettering cuttouts.