1970's Cornhusker Ash Tray - "Mr. Ugly"

This is a rare and hard to find piece of early 1970's Huskers memorabilia.  It is ceramic, with felt on the bottom with a sticker that says "AMS Manufacturing, Omaha Nebraska."  It is about 8-1/2" tall by 5 1/2" wide by 7" long.  Hand made and painted.  More details in the photos below, and Bob Ihrig's description at the bottom of the page.  

An second example was sent by Barry Harris (at right), and a third  (antiqued) version below.


Detailed description from Bob Ihrig:

   In 1972 a company by the name of AMS MANUFACTURING of OMAHA, NEBRASKA put out a STATUE of a Nebraska player to commemorate and honor the Back to Back Championships of 1970 & 1971. The way they did this is by putting a "1" on the back of the jersey. Thus, the statue has a jersey number of #1 - but it also represents that Nebraska was NUMBER ONE IN FOOTBALL IN THE EARLY 1970's. Thus, this piece is considered a very nice Championship Piece from the 1970 and 1971 BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS UNDER COACH BOB DEVANEY.

    However, this piece did not have much success and thus they quit making this piece after a short time. The reason people did not buy this pieces - is because it was UGLY. And thus, this Statue took on the name by collectors of MR. UGLY. And boy, let me tell you, this Football Statue is UGLY and MEAN LOOKING. And, because not many of these statues or figures were made, they have become more and more popular among collectors. These statues or figures were made of a white ceramic and then each one was actually hand painted. The mold was the same, but literally they were hand painted and so each one is a little different and even the colors will vary from statue to statue. Sometimes the red is darker or lighter. The player is always wearing a white helmet with a red strip down the middle and there is a red "N" on the side, but because they were hand painted, each "N" on the side is a bit different - which really makes these pieces unique. Then, below MR. UGLY there is a green field and in front of the statue it says, GO BIG RED.   There is also a dip in the field where an ashtray can fit. In the early 1970's a company put out a large Serving Tray that is one of the most popular items from the Championship years of 1970 and 1971. This large tin serving tray also had matching small ashtrays. Many people put those Championship ashtrays in the Mr. Ugly Ashtray Holder. Thus, in actuality, this Mr. UGLY was an ashtray holder - back in the days when everyone smoked.

     A really great collectible from the early 1970's Championship years. I think it is great to collect both the White MR. UGLY and the Black Mr. UGLY. He is not standing, he is in the three-point football stance and is 8 1/2 inches in height and 7 inches long.

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