Schedule Posters / Advertising

updated 09/17/2017

The following schedule posters and advertising posters are primarily a collection of posters that were given to businesses, patrons, customers to display.  Most of these are from very early years as the University didn't like associating alchohol with any of the sports teams or the university itself. You'll see very little use of official University of Nebraska trademarks or logos on the posters.  

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Brew1970SchedMiller.jpg (485447 bytes)

1970 Miller Beer Schedule Poster

    1970 University of Nebraska Football Schedule poster put out by Miller Beer.  Schedule posters were generally made of a thicker material like card stock, as it was customary to pin them to cork boards, walls, etc. in bars and other places the distributors passed them out.

thanks to Cory Johnson for the contribution

Brew1971SchedMiller.jpg (476256 bytes)

1971 Miller Beer Schedule Poster

    1971 Univeristy of Nebraska Football Schedule poster put out by Miller Beer.  Same basic design as the previous year with the addition of player figures and "FIRST IN 1970" added in reference to the 1970 National Championship. 

thanks to Cory Johnson for the contribution

BrewFalstaff697071.jpg (698671 bytes)

Falstaff Brewing Schedule Poster

    This poster "Presents a Review of the Greatest Football Team of all Time". It has the 1969, 1970 and 1971 NEBRASKA CORNHUSKER CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULES and quotes from newspapers and coaches from around the country, even Alabama. It is framed on top and bottom with a wooden slat and has a thick braided red cord for hanging. Measures 14" wide by 24" tall including the wood slats.

1973 "Good Luck Coach Osborne" Poster

    Not sure where to put this one just yet, but this is a very similar design put out in 1973 to wish new Head Coach Tom Osborne good luck in his first season.  If anyone has a better photo, please share and I'll update.

BrewSchlitz1975Sched.jpg (177859 bytes)

1975 Schlitz Brewing Schedule Poster

    The great thing about this poster is not only that it gives the previous year schedule and results, but it features the iconic red felt N hat that many fans wore to the games back in the 1960s into the 1970s. 

thanks to Sean Kelly for the contribution



BrewSchlitz1976Sched.jpg (176302 bytes)

1976 Schlitz Brewing Schedule Poster

    Anothe awesome poster put out by  Schlitz.  That was a grinder of a season, starting out with LSU, Indiana, TCU and Miami in the non-conference schedule.

thanks to Sean Kelly for the contribution

1982 Hamm's Schedule Poster

    Not much to say about this one.  This was the year of the "moving boundary" in Happy Valley that assisted in the loss to Penn State.  A close win over LSU in the Orange Bowl helped NU finish 3d in both polls.  With a win against PSU, may have led to a National Championship.

Brew1994SchedWindsorCanadian.jpg (136161 bytes)

1994 Windsor Canadian Schedule Poster

    Classic Husker Schedule poster design with ample room for scores to be posted after each game.

thanks to Dan Wagner for the contribution


BrewBudLight2017_SchedPoster.jpg (369060 bytes)

2017 Bud Light Schedule Poster

    This one has a bit of a great throwback feel to it, from the font used throughout, to the NEBRASKA letters each containing a distinctly Nebraska picture, similar to some older Nebraska postcards.

thanks to Cory Johnson for the contribution


BrewMillerLight_SchedPoster2017.jpg (219552 bytes)

2017 Miller Light Schedule Poster

    Curious one, since it doesn't specifically mention Nebraska Football or the Cornhuskers, but rather simply uses the red state of Nebraska.