Glasses and Mugs

updated 02/27/2016

Glasses listed here will primarily be glasses advertising beer or liqour companies that don't commemorate a specific season, bowl game, or event. Those glasses will be listed on the Commemorative Glasses page.  There may be a few instances where glasses are listed on both, as there are too many to track!

Coors Light 1998 
5th National Championship

    Here's one for the Coors Light fans.   It was put out in 1998 as a salute to the 1997 National Champion Cornhuskers.  Nice classy touch by a company based in Colorado!

Not mine...

2000 Budweiser Glass

    Budweiser weighs in with this beer glass for the 2000 season.

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2004 Budweiser Glass

    Budweiser issued a series of line of items to include schedule banners, coasters and many other items to help kick off the Callahan Era at the University of Nebraska. 

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