Go Big Red Bourbon, Liquor, etc...

updated 01/02/2016

1971 GO BIG RED Bourbon

    The bottle says "Specially Licensed and Bottled for CORNHUSKER DISTRIBUTING, CO. OMAHA, NE."  Not sure if it really was filled with Kentucky Bourbon, but most likely was.  I have no idea which brand, though.  This is a rare find and very special due to the red cowboy style hat that was a popular style for Cornhusker fans of the sixties and early seventies.

Not mine...

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1970s GO BIG RED Bourbon

    Another version, this one labeled "Straight Bourbon Wiskey" and bottled by the Old Holladay Distilling Company in Weston, Missouri.  This particular bottle was used for a custom lamp.

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Brew71Gin.jpg (229453 bytes)

Brew71Gin2.jpg (152201 bytes) 1971 GO BIG RED Gin

     Thanks to Lamont Lyon for bringing this baby to our attention.  Another BIG RED beverage from Old Holladay Distilling, Company of Weston, Missouri, the same company that brought us the BIG RED VODKA below.  

New pictures added from Thomas Gascoigne

1971 GO BIG RED Scotch

    This one is from the "UNIVERSAL IMPORTING CO. WESTON MO" as shown on the back label.  Great bottle and label design.     

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1971 GO BIG RED Vodka

    The bottle says "BOTTLED FOR LOUIS FINOCCHIARO - INC BY THE OLD HOLLADAY DISTILLING CO. WESTON MO."   This is another rare find for the same reasons as listed above.  I get the feeling that either the Athletic Department or Sports Information Department brokered a deal for various distilleries to produce products for the Huskers.  May have been an NCAA sanctioned program as well, but I haven't seen examples from other schools.   

     These were put out in two sizes. The one one the left is a 750, the one on the right is a 1 liter. 

updated photo and info from Cory Johnson

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Four Bottles Together

    Examples of all four of the old varieties together in one collection from Dan Wagner.  Note the differences in the Scotch bottle on the left from the one listed two spaces above: clear vs green, straight neck vs curved, may be a newer bottle?  Also the Bourbon states "6 years old" vs nothing in that space on the label at top.

Thanks, Dan!

Brew_BigRedVodka.jpg (98519 bytes)


    This is a newer release than those above, not sure of the year, although I purched it in 2010. The neck label states that it was produced and bottled by Crosby Lake Spirits of Princeton, MN.  The label design used the same red cowboy hat from the previous versions, but is likely an attempt to bring back the label by another company.